Saturday, November 16, 2013

Eurotrip 2011: France

Yupe, supposed to be posted way back in 2011 but you can expect the normal excuse from me. This post is supposed to be in direct continuation of this post so lets go back to 2011 and continue the journey... 

The moment we were told of our departure date from Mauritania, Hazel & I decided to join our colleague Sam for an 18-days Eurotrip. We used TopDeck services, and paid a whopping 1000 pound for it. That includes transportation (bus rides), accommodation, and some meals. That price was cheap because it was during winter. 

We flew from Mauritania to Paris and decided to go to the Disneyland on our own (this is not part of the trip package). We booked ourselves a small apartment in La Vallee area considering the journey and cost from Paris town is quite long and expensive. Since it was long time ago, I couldn't remember the place we stayed but there's plenty of service apartments in that area for you to choose. 

We booked the Disneyland ticket online, and went very early in the morning as were advised by my Sis. Go as early as possible for the queue might take you ages! We enjoyed ourselves to the max. I personally jumped all over the places to express my happiness, for finally being able to place my footstep in Disneyland Paris! Like a dream came true :) We had so many rides and I remember we repeated one of the rides 3 times! Think it was Space Shuttle.. need to confirm with Hazel.. LoL! 

Anyhow, you can expect what happened to the rest of the day. Living fantasy life.. If I had a chance to repeat, I would spend at least 2 full days there. 1 day is just not enough! So, the next day was spent shopping at La Vallee Village, the famous shopping outlet. This too, requires more than 1 day. Haha. It was my 2nd time there and I still shopped like there was no tomorrow. 

As per our travel itinerary, we headed back to Paris town to meet up with the fellow tour mates. The starting point was actually London but since I've been there few times so we decided to just meet at Paris. We had our group dinner together and was served with the famous french onion soup, quite delish! As for the appetizer, we can chose either to have escargot or frog legs. So which one did I chose? ^-^

Kaki katak, anyone? 

After the dinner, we were taken for a ride around Paris, enjoying the city of lights and not to forget doing some tourist thing at the Eiffel Tower. Did you know that Eiffel Tower displays running lights at every odd hours? So we waited for that moment and took as many pictures as we could!! That is for bragging rights, lol. 

Came daylight, we went back to the Eiffel Tower as early as possible to get our ticket. If you really want to go to the top of the tower, please be there at least before 9am. The queue can get crazily long if you went there late. And that is during winter. During summer? I leave it to your imagination..... 

Few other places for you to visit: 
1. Arc de Triomphe: famous monument in Paris for their warriors. Known to be situated at the center of the deadliest roundabouts. Caution, dont try to cross the road during peak hour. You can visit both during daytime and at night for different views. 

2. Musee de Louvre: The extremely large museum housed the famous Monalisa portrait where all tourists would fight among themselves to get a decent picture with it, including myself. Did you know she has no eyebrows? Maybe Leo da Vinci was in a rush to finish the painting... heh. Anyway we went there just for her picture. I'm not an art fan, so I just went past all the paintings in a flash. bosan.. It will take you probably a week to look at all paintings.. 

3. Notre Dame: the famous church. I didnt go inside, so leave it to mr google to elaborate

With Hazel & Syed, inside the de Louvre

With tour mates... enjoying our exotic dinner

Moulin Rouge... You can spend a night watching the show here
Short and simple, till next time for the next location! 


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