Friday, June 29, 2012

Another trouble

Still excited about the laser thingy. Yesterday I did a different type of treatment to flatten some scar bumps on the face. It's called CO2 fractional laser and it literally cuts your skin! You know, like welding your own face... Yerp, it was painful, sharp pain like having a knife slitting your skin and literally bleeds! (and yet why am I doing this again???)

The pain lasted slightly longer than fraxel treatment but it was localized pain and shouldnt bother you much if you did it only at a few spots. It was not as painful as fraxel (after the procedure). Advice, dont do this on whole face.

Grounded for another week, and bedridden for couple of days now. What a hopeless combo..

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


They say diamonds are women’s bestfriends. As much as I love the sparkles effect (but not the price of course unless some hot hunk pays for me), I don’t think I’m into diamonds so much, as of now. But, recently I’ve discovered my own version of diamonds to be called bestfriends.


Yupe, that plastic surgery, chemical peel, laser beam thingy, is my bestfriend now. I found a very good place in the heart of KL, and I fell in love with all the services instantly (went berserk too).

Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre (BWMC), is just 3 blocks away from Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC). The painful part is the location is so “strategic” that it took me an hour to get there because of the deadly traffic.

So what can you do at BWMC? Everything! If you have issues with dull uneven skin tone, sagging breasts, bulging tummy, stubborn scars, fine lines, or anything that is associated with your physical appearances, this is the place for you to go and get it fix. Of course, it’s a private medical centre, with all the latest emerging technologies and expertise; you should expect the price to always be on the high side. But this is an investment. I’ve spent a fortune on facials, treatments and you name it but the results were never the same. You can spend RM300 per facial per month for the rest of the year or dump a thousand for one treatment and get an instant result. You may or may not need more than 1 treatment, it all depends on you & your skin.

I’m currently undergoing the double fraxel treatment (package of 5 treatments). Done the first treatment and hell it was very very painful. I’m all known to have high pain threshold but this one is bit off the limit. I was in agony for an hour but after the cooling treatment I’m back to normal. And after 1 day I could actually see the results and there’s no more pain. No pain no gain missy! I also did chemical peeling for the upper back, since I had sunburn from the recent outdoor and also some old chicken pox marks. Have not seen the results yet (other than itchiness) but soon I’m sure. So I'm literally grounded from swimming (chlorine) and outdoor  activities (direct sunlight), which is really killing me.... Doomed!

What’s next?

Haha!! (That's silicone if you really don't get it...... T_T)

This place is heaven. It was recently launched and currently having promotion for treatment packages. It’s worth and I’m just glad I’ve found it and want you to go and give it a try too. Spread the love people~

Now, Amber Chia who? Lol!