Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bienvenue à Paris

It means Welcome to Paris.. I've finally made it to Paris early this morning after spending 3-1/2 months in numchuck (read:Nouakchott). Never thought I would be stationed in a desert for that long in my life. Well, to others who have stayed here permanently, 3-1/2 months is just a short period of time. But not for me. Remember this is the first overseas assignment for me, and the first African country too. To make it worse, I've been working non-stop throughout this period. No weekend, no off days after coming back from each hitch (read:offshore).


Though I would consider myself as a cheap labour and I worked similar to the donkeys in town. I've pushed myself beyond my normal working limit, exceeded my fatigue limit and God knows how many times I've felt like killing people, or at least a donkey. My emotion moved according to the swell of the Atlantic Ocean and it's approaching wet season, hence the swell is VERY BAD! Luckily I've got the chance to go back to KL now, else I would have became a retard monster in numchuck.

I have my assessment scheduled on 14th, that is on Tuesday and I have yet to study for that! I'm prepared with all the reading materials but whenever I started reading, I'll end up snoring! (exaggerating!) Oh my, me and assessment or exam can never be best buddy! I used to stay up in the middle of the night whenever exam approached. Mom will prepare a nice cup of nescafe to help me stay awake. But today, I've had 2 cups of coffee and I'm caffeine intolerable but surprisingly, it didn't work! I fall asleep in this lounge, in front of everybody and I'm not sure how did I look like. :P

Now, I'm pretty much dizzy. Took 2 tablet of antihistamine since I'm having a bad runny nose. Weather here is 5 degC and eventhough I'm sitting in a building, the heater doesn't seem to do a good job. It's still damn cold and I'm just in a layer of hoodie. I was doing okay when I first entered the terminal but I guess my winter jacket caused me trouble. I need to get a new one without any fancy fur attached to it. Time to be wise and not kill myself just because I wanna look cute!~ (padan muka!)

Anyway, I'm less than 24 hours to be home. I'm gonna sleep the whole journey and be home without any jet lag! Not sure what to do tomorrow. Probably go to The Curve and have my hair trimmed or cut or whatever. Massage & mani+pedi with maktok. I wanna spoil maktok . See how she takes it. Kakak has to wait for her turn ya! ;p

Okay, I really really have to study. See you people tomorrow!! Can't wait to be home!!!!!

Camwhoring mode. I'm pretty sure I can be seen in the CCTV recording. Face of me when I just woke up, without make up and freezing!

I like the effect of the ceiling. And note the fur jacket. Ah-choom~



seademon said...

Welcome back. I'm off to Erb West and will be back on Wednesday. Will be at Tower One on Thursday 16th if you're free.

harni said...

hey.. I wont be able to go to KLCC tomorrow. Had to cancel my lunch plan with fellow colleague as well. Need to settle few things tomorrow and take my mom and niece for another shopping session. Next time perhaps?