Monday, March 29, 2010


..hits me again! I don't have any work to do, boss doesn't want to give me any task, and I'm not allowed to take annual leave either. So I'm basically blogging from the office *sambil makan gaji buta*. Oh, I've completed another wishlist, and I'm happily blogging from my bb. *not so happy, the font is damn small and I've to type really slow!*

Anyway, I'm done blog walking, news reading, e-banking, ym-ing and still waiting for Azu for gtalking. Haha. Me and Azu had so much fun last weekend and I can say I'm grateful to be invited!!

Ok, can't stand the small font anymore! Have a good, productive week people!!


Thursday, March 18, 2010


I could barely catch up on life now. Since early this year, I had so many things going on and I don’t have much time to relax and pamper myself. 4 weekends in a month seems not appealing to me at all as most of my weekends were spent travelling or entertaining guests.

Final week of February, Papa came to KL together with my stepmom and lil sister, Ellies. *yes, I have stepmom and stepdad in case you’re left behind*. They actually promised to bring Ellies to spend her December school break in KL but papa was having some health complications and couldn’t leave the town for daily check-up. Now that everything is progressing well *syukur*, they spent 4 days and 3 nights at our little crib, my room in particular.

It was our responsibility to bring Ellies to the most happening places in KL. She actually wanted to go to Sunway Lagoon but since it was during weekend, we could foresee the massive crowd there and suggested her to come again next time. Nevertheless, we had great moments and fun taking them to Curve and Aquaria. We were lucky to be given the chance to witness fish feeding session while at Aquaria. The divers were funny and surely know how to entertain kiddos. Ellies was highly influenced by her schoolmates as she kept on repeating what her friends told her to look for while in KL. *huh budak2 zaman sekarang sangat up-to-date!!*. We had a little shopping treat for her at Suria KLCC and papa was sweating with the price! How KLCC is overrated, no?

We also had sumptuous dinner at ar-Rawsha, a must place to dine out with family. The last time I went there was after my sinus surgery and I couldn’t enjoy the food so much as the throat was not fully healed. I took full opportunity this time to enjoy the food and the kebab *was it humus?* was simply spectacular!! Yes, I’m a foodie but that didn’t help me to gain any extra pounds!! Shheeeessshh.

We bad farewell and I joined them to KLIA to catch my flight to Kuantan for offshore assignment. Since I’m moving out of the department *??*, it is my responsibility to ensure the one replacing me is fully equipped with necessary knowledge and experience to shoulder my tasks. So I took her to 2 rigs, a tender barge and a jack-up. It was my first time going offshore to visit these 2 types of rigs as well *I’ve been to a mat-type jack-up, not the IC type one*. I’ve been on a tender that was on dry-docked and the experience of sleeping on an operating barge is totally new to me. Though the weather was pleasantly calm, I still had a slight nausea! *lekeh la engineer sorang ni. No more iron lady!*. Anyway, I’m not gonna elaborate much on my experience this time since I don’t think much of you will find it amusing *boring wei dok kat laut*.

I managed to spend only 1 Sunday at home but I snuggled myself half of the day on my comfy bed *cover tido*. I didn’t even have the chance to clean my room and it’s a full catastrophe! I’m now flying to Miri *bosan takdak keja so menaip atas flight*, and will only be back by Friday. Mom will be arriving on Thursday and I need to warn her of the condition of the room so that she won’t have heart attack or something serious to her health. Haha.

We will be taking mom out this weekend, and next week we’re holding a barbecue birthday party for little Sara. She’s turning 4 people! Seems like a busy weekend for me again huh? I still have another rig to visit before March ends and that would be on the final week of March! I’m in serious need of vacation. I need a good massage. I almost missed my facial appointment since I always travel but luckily my skin behaves well. My back aches as I cannot stand long hour’s journey and I think my body functions are slowly ancient-ing!! Huwaaa~

Hopefully I can relax a little bit while I’m in Miri. No, I’m not offshore; I’m attending training at Marriott Hotel. Hope they have good sauna there! I seriously need to catch up on life. I’m missing lots of juicy gossips, happy moments with friends, many many more! Can April be good to me? I will embark on a new journey in April, as my application has been approved! Where to? Still in Tower 1. But different company. *kasi gossip panas sikit. Teka lah teka…*

Some asked whether I enjoy and happy with my work *orang yang tengok aku travel sana sini pun terasa penatnya eh?*. I do. Very much. I love challenges and I keep meeting new people. That adds sweet juices to my life journey though I have to sacrifice my leisure moments. Well, we have to give out something in order to gain good things, right? But yeah, I’m a bit tired and I have my goals. I’ll stop doing all these when the right time comes. Til then, I love my job to bits!

Do you love your job? *tetiba terbuat poll*


p/s: post basi. lupe nak publish...

Friday, March 5, 2010

It's okay

Tetiba terkenang lagu Crumbs.. It's okayyyy~~ (sambil bunyi drum dum dum dum).. Intro je dah merepek! I'm happily blogging from this rig. Yeah, finally I landed on a rig that is equipped with wireless and tv inside the room. Dalam erti kata lain, gua dapat VIP room lah tu babe. Funny thing bout this hitch, semua orang macam bersopan santun dengan kitorang. Al-maklumlah, boss besar datang turun padang. But we're here not to inspect or audit on anything. We're here to learn! Lepas dah explain, baru la masing2 tunjuk belang.... Ha ni baru la offshore life!

Anyway, a little update on the last check-up. I'm officially clear from hyperprolactinemia. Syukur. All thanks to God. The reading was extremely fine, just above the low quartile compared to the previous reading that exceeded the acceptable range. So, boleh la bunting pelamin! *woohooo* Ops, not so fast. I still have another problem. The hormones that control ovulation are not producing at the right pace (there are 2 types, cant recall the name). In other words, the 2 are supposed to be produced at the same time and be in parallel, with the same reading. But mine are going in different direction and conflicting. That translates in difficulties in ovulating, hence susah sikit la mau bunting pelamin since tak boleh agak bila ovulation takes place. Dr ckp, kalau kawin and nak terus preggie, kena usaha LEBIH la. Kuang kuangggg

But not to worry, I'm on medication now to keep the hormone back to normal trend. Hopefully I could see good results in the next 2 months! *amik darah lagi...*

Anyway, I'll be flying out to daratan tomorrow. Be going to Miri on Monday and back in KL next weekend. Mom will be coming to KL next week as well. I'm going for another hitch in 4th week. Sheesh, there goes my March!!

Be good people.

Salam perantauan dari offshore.. Ceh poyo. Nampak mcm gangster kampung ade lah.. Yang tiang2 tuh conductor. Dlm erti kata lain, producing well. Oil ke gas tah. lupa den..