Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bienvenue à Paris

It means Welcome to Paris.. I've finally made it to Paris early this morning after spending 3-1/2 months in numchuck (read:Nouakchott). Never thought I would be stationed in a desert for that long in my life. Well, to others who have stayed here permanently, 3-1/2 months is just a short period of time. But not for me. Remember this is the first overseas assignment for me, and the first African country too. To make it worse, I've been working non-stop throughout this period. No weekend, no off days after coming back from each hitch (read:offshore).


Though I would consider myself as a cheap labour and I worked similar to the donkeys in town. I've pushed myself beyond my normal working limit, exceeded my fatigue limit and God knows how many times I've felt like killing people, or at least a donkey. My emotion moved according to the swell of the Atlantic Ocean and it's approaching wet season, hence the swell is VERY BAD! Luckily I've got the chance to go back to KL now, else I would have became a retard monster in numchuck.

I have my assessment scheduled on 14th, that is on Tuesday and I have yet to study for that! I'm prepared with all the reading materials but whenever I started reading, I'll end up snoring! (exaggerating!) Oh my, me and assessment or exam can never be best buddy! I used to stay up in the middle of the night whenever exam approached. Mom will prepare a nice cup of nescafe to help me stay awake. But today, I've had 2 cups of coffee and I'm caffeine intolerable but surprisingly, it didn't work! I fall asleep in this lounge, in front of everybody and I'm not sure how did I look like. :P

Now, I'm pretty much dizzy. Took 2 tablet of antihistamine since I'm having a bad runny nose. Weather here is 5 degC and eventhough I'm sitting in a building, the heater doesn't seem to do a good job. It's still damn cold and I'm just in a layer of hoodie. I was doing okay when I first entered the terminal but I guess my winter jacket caused me trouble. I need to get a new one without any fancy fur attached to it. Time to be wise and not kill myself just because I wanna look cute!~ (padan muka!)

Anyway, I'm less than 24 hours to be home. I'm gonna sleep the whole journey and be home without any jet lag! Not sure what to do tomorrow. Probably go to The Curve and have my hair trimmed or cut or whatever. Massage & mani+pedi with maktok. I wanna spoil maktok . See how she takes it. Kakak has to wait for her turn ya! ;p

Okay, I really really have to study. See you people tomorrow!! Can't wait to be home!!!!!

Camwhoring mode. I'm pretty sure I can be seen in the CCTV recording. Face of me when I just woke up, without make up and freezing!

I like the effect of the ceiling. And note the fur jacket. Ah-choom~


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Makan Gaji Buta

Weather started to pick up couple of days back and I've been seeing things upside down and walking like a drug addict since then. And I'm really non-productive today. Been browsing for non important items since morning. *sesungguhnya saya tengah makan gaji buta today*.. isk isk.. Anyway I've been tagged by darling Aliza and since I'm about to puke luring at so many laptops (and drooling/fantasizing at some of them too), I decided to heal myself from this obsession and here goes my pop quiz of the day..

My 25 Minutes Survey
Instruction : Once you are tagged, answer all the questions honestly. No lying or cheating.

Person who tagged : Aliza
Starting time : 5.20pm (Africa time)

Name : Harni
Full name : Harni Farihah Bt Mohd Safari Lai
Sibling(s) : 2 (second child)
Eye colour : Dark brown
Shoe size : 5
Hair : Short, straight, uneven, messy.. refer to Einstein's
Height : 154cm (pendeknye??)

What are you wearing right now : track bottom + I love HK tshirt bought by Aliza (ngee) + hoodie
Where do you live : currently in west africa..
Favourite number : 11
Favourite drink : milo (4 tblspoon milo + 1 tblspoon creamer) no sugar no milk!
Favourite month : July
Favourite breakfast : lempeng cicah susu!

******-Have you ever-******
Broken a bone : nope
Been in a police car : nope
Fallen for a friend : yupe
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : yupe
Swam in the ocean : yupe
Fallen asleep in school : yupe.. not always though.. i'm a nerd!
Broken someone's heart : a lot..... erk..
Cried when someone died : yupe
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : yupe
Saved e-mails : mostly
Been cheated on : Y.U.P.E!!!!

Your room looks like : a cabin (i'm on the rig now so nothing fancy about the room).. and i have no idea how my new room looks like since my sis has just moved to a new house and dragged my stuffs along..
What is right beside you : office wall full with pictures of Mauritania scenery..
What is the last thing you ate : a bar of chocolate..

******-Ever Had-******
Chicken pox : yupe
Sore throat : yupe
Stitches : yupe
Broken nose : nope

******-Do You-******
Believe in love at first sight : yupe
Like picnics? : yupe

Who did you last yell at? : my ex boyfriend
Who was the last person you danced with? : my boyfriend
Who last made you smile? : him

******-Final Questions-******
What are you listening to right now? : tattoo - jordin sparks (yeah, stone age)
What did you do today? : controlling my imagination to get a macbook pro.. ;p
Are you the oldest? : nope
Indoors or outdoors? : both

******-Today did you-******
Talk to someone you like? : most of the time!
Kiss anyone? : yupe
Sing? : yupe
Talk to an ex? : yupe
Miss someone ? : yupe
Eat? : yupe

******-Last person who-******
You talked to on the phone? : my mom
Made you cry? : myself
Went to the movies with? : can't recall.. i think it was Sari..
You went to the mall with? : comrades @ las palmas..
Who cheered you up? : him

******-Have you-******
Been to Mexico? : nope
Been to USA? : nope

Have a crush on someone? : not now
What books are you reading right now? : engineering handbook.. aci tak? hehe
Best feeling in the world? : no words can describe this.. all thanks to God
Future kids name? : zaara, isaac
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : nope
What's under your bed? : nothing
Favourite sport(s) : Wii? haha
Favourite place : home
Who do you really hate? : trying not to now.. used to hate my ex ;p
Do you have a job? : yes
What time is it now? : 5.45pm

p/s : With however long it took you to complete this, post as "My _____ Minutes Survey" and tag 15 people

not gonna tag anyone.. you can do if you want.. :)


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mummy, I'm coming home!

Oh it's very blur! But whatever it is, take a good look at the date!! YES! I'm so gonna be home on 13th December 2010! That is in 2 weeks time people~ Weeee~~

So to my beloved SAHABAT, please clear your schedule for our most awaited gossip moment ya! I'll be in the office on 14th for my ACD Assessment (good luck to me!) and should be free after that. To Aliza, Beebee, Padi & Aliaa, really really hope to spend time with you!!

I should buy a ticket back to Perlis too since mommy couldn't extend her stay in KL. So, to PUAN Fariza, let me know if you're gonna be in Perlis or KL okeh? Note to Cik Emi too!

Rough plan for my 1 week holiday:

13/12 - Reach KL, back to my sister's new crib. Should I unpack my stuff or just let them stay in their boxes? Hmm.. Then, plan to spend whole day at The Curve, doing mani+pedi, a few waxing, get new haircut with potential new hair colour, eat good food, watch movie if there's any energy left. Hopefully I won't suffer prolong jet lag on this day. Potential meeting with Cik Emi???

14/12 - Go to the office, prepare for "interrogation" by the CTE. Spend time with bosses, saying Hi and provide updates with little hope they will give me good rating for my next appraisal ;p.. Meet Aliza, Beebee & Aliaa when time permits.. Will go for facial! My skin desperately needs a couple of facial treatment. Probably go for sauna and have nice body massage too..

15/12 - Thinking of flying back to Perlis. Need to start looking for ticket now. To be spoiled with mom's delicious cooking for days!

17/12 - Back in KL for weekend outing with sis & family. Or maybe stuck at home unpacking? Nahh.. Should go shopping and dining! Probably look for furniture for my house.

20/12 - Packing & probably have last facial.. fly back to la la land.. :(

21/12 - Shopping in Paris!! Weee~~ Please weather, don't be too cold!!

Now, I have to make list of what to buy from Nouakchott as souvenirs.. Told you, cottons are damn cheap here! ;)


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Religion Part 1

These past few weeks, I’ve been digging up information on many things that have been taught to me when I was young. I must admit that being born as Muslim, I had never put any attention to what I was told to do and not to do. In fact, there were times when I can’t really recall the 6 articles of faith (Iman), or probably get myself confused with the 5 pillars of Islam. Ignorant.

But now after being a typical Muslim for the past 27 years, I’ve started to realize and questions all the things that we were TOLD to do and not to do. Are all these clearly written in the Quran? Or was it just based on cultural beliefs, which most of you are aware, the Malays dictate the Islam more than the Quran.

This post is going to be a little bit BOLD as I had never wrote any kind of religious post before this (so far as I can recall). And before you read further, please get yourself prepared with what you’re about to read. It may be offended, some might even label me MURTAD or even ask me to “mengucap” again. But at least, I’m doing a research and I truly welcome your opinion, if you have any.

I would like to just start with the Quran and all the school of thoughts that we have now. Many of us would probably claimed we have “khatam” the holy book, but I must admit I didn’t even finish reading the Quran when I was young, not even up until now. The “ustazah” quit halfway and I was not sent to any other “ustazah” after that to complete my Quran lesson. In fact, the “ustazah” kept falling asleep during my readings and I doubt if I even have mastered all the “tajwid”. No, I’m not pointing any fingers to anybody. It all goes back to me when I was matured enough and good enough to take care of myself and my needs.

I tried reading the Quran on my own and bought myself a book on “tajwid”. Sometimes I just followed the “tajwid” lessons aired on TV at 6.30pm to make sure I have the right understanding. But then I never managed to finish reading the whole Quran. I always have this gap and after so long I would just start reading it again from the beginning. So it never ends! Couple years back, I bought the translation of the Quran, the “tafsir” since I realized I don’t really understand what was written in Quran, coz I don’t really speak or understand Arabic. I would like to know what does Quran trying to tell me and how can it benefit me.

There was a story about a young child asking his father the main reason for Muslim to recite Quran. And the father just gave him a very dirty basket and asked him to go to the river, to fill it up with water. The basket does not hold any water in it since it’s pretty much broken and was in poor condition. The child had no choice other than going back and forth filling up the basket with water to a point the father asked him to stop. The father then asked the child to look at the basket and see if there’s any difference. The dirty basket turned very clean from the “wash” the child did with the water. And the father said, reading Quran is similar to cleaning the basket from the dirt. It’s a purification process to human, Muslim in particular.

As much as I agree that reading Quran will make us feel closer to God, I beg to differ. Reading or probably reciting the Quran alone is not enough. It’s as if we complete reading the whole Engineering Handbook without really understanding the content. For instance, in order for me to design a well (be it oil or gas well), I must learn how to predict the pressures of the formation and the fracture gradients expected before I can simply set my casing point. So, if I do not understand the whole pore pressure prediction process, how can I design a good well that will not collapse nor burst and definitely will not be another Macondo well? (read: the Deepwater Horizon case). Probably this is too much of an example but bottom line is, how can you understand what Quran is trying to tell you if you don’t really understand Arabic?

Now, I’m slowly reading the translations. It’s not actually DIRECT translations. Most of the “tafsirs” are the interpretations of the translations. The words are translated to whichever language we prefer and there will be more interpretations attached to each verse. This triggers me, who did the translations and who did the interpretations? Does it really, exactly reflects the exact meaning of the “ayat”? Sounds like I’m sitting for the “Ujian Pemahaman” back in Primary School, where we have to find “isi tersirat” in each sentence. Then who can actually say our understanding and our interpretation is correct or wrong? Who can deny what we think or view? One must always remember that each of us sees things from different angle and we definitely have different views and opinions. Agree?

This then makes me realize that all 4 schools of thoughts that we have are mostly based on interpretation. I’ve yet to dig up information of all these 4. I’m curious. Why is Shafie deemed better than the other 3, Hanbali, Maliki and Hanafi? And how did we arrive to a decree that Shafie is the one that we must follow, in Malaysia? If I managed to dig up all info on all 4 schools of thoughts, can I follow Maliki, if I think it’s the best school based on my interpretation and views? Would that make me less Muslim than the others? Would you, as my family or friends see me differently, or probably would not accept me at all? Ok, probably I’m getting a little bit dramatic but thinking of how the Malays think, I can pretty much expect those things to happen.

I’ve found many other things that will definitely surprise most of you. But that will follow later. Do you think I’m less Muslim now or my faith is weak? Whatever you think, I don’t really care. To me, it’s better for me to fully understand the whole Islam by doing the research, obviously based on the Quran, rather than listening to what people think or the Majlis Fatwa thinks, or what Malays think. And most importantly, God is one, regardless of what schools of thoughts we follow, it all goes back to worship the one and only God. I’m not giving any conclusion. Yet.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are You a Muslim?

“Whoever works in oil & gas industry will go to hell. We cursed too much”

Ok. I bet most of you will have your jaw dropped for a second. Haha. That remarks actually came from a guy on the rig when I was “interrogated” by them on the real definition of Muslim.

I must admit this hitch is a bit different than before. It’s obviously my first time working overseas where majority of the crew are non-Muslims. We do have a few Muslims here, mostly are Indonesians and work as stewards. We don’t really work or spend time with stewards since our job mostly are done outside, on the rig floor.

One day, when I was in the driller’s cabin, a guy asked about my religion. Perhaps they associated Muslims with Hijab and since I don’t wear any, they can’t really tell what religion I am. So yes, I’m a Muslim and they asked if I go to pray when I’m on the rig. Again yes, I do go to pray 5 times a day when I’m on this rig and that just triggered them more questions.

Where and when do I go to pray? 5 times a day seems like a big burden to them since I have to stop my work for 5 freaking times a day. Don’t get me wrong with that “freaking” word. I’m trying to describe their reaction. There was even a nasty remark saying if I were to work as a Mud Engineer, I won’t be able to perform my prayers 5 times a day since my job requires me to be in the lab at all times. I was a little bit offended at first I must say but then I explained slowly that it doesn’t take much of time to pray. Perhaps you took more time when you go to pee and poo. And that 5 times a day is mostly misinterpreted during daylight only. So I had to carefully explain to them when I normally go to pray.

This rig is equipped with a Prayer Room. I believe people are more sensitive and realized that a Prayer Room is actually a necessity since we have lots of Muslims working offshore. But, no I don’t use the Prayer Room. Previously I stayed with another lady who worked on day shift with me. So it’s not a problem for me to go back to my cabin and pray. But when we had full POB (full bed) last week, my roommate was moved to another room where she had to stay with one of the government’s representative. The government lady refused to share room with man, so my roommate and I had to split.

I had the chance to stay with the government lady but frankly speaking, I refused since I don’t think I’m that patience to live with her. No offense, but it’s just me not able to tolerate much. So, I ended up having a male roommate but fret not, we work on different shift. Until today, I have no idea who the guy is coz we have not met since he came. That’s how it is here. You go out of the room from 6am to 6pm and the other person starts working from 6pm to 6am. You are not allowed to go back to your cabin as it will disturb your roommate’s sleep. A big NO NO.

Anyway, I pray in the female changing room. I have a thin mattress that was supposed to be used for our sunbathing activity but since my roommate left the rig, I have not been up on the helideck for sunbathing anymore. So I use that mattress and have my prayer mat on top of it. The changing room is clean and it has enough space for me to perform my prayers. It has 1 shower cube and 2 toilets. It’s all brand new and I don’t think it’s a big issue for me to pray in there. It has around 30 lockers for us to put our coveralls and other PPEs. I can use the Prayer Room but it is just more convenient for me to use the changing room.

Apart from prayers, more questions were asked like how can we fast for the whole freaking month without even drinking, let alone eating anything. And what was the purpose of fasting. Again, I had to carefully put my words as the last thing I want to do is to send the wrong message. I must admit I’m not really pious and my knowledge is not that great either. I really hope I have not said the wrong thing or they misinterpreted my words.

Most of the people here do not have any religion. They do believe in God but they just don’t follow any specific religion. And it was such a big fuss for them not being able to drink beer and have bacon on this rig. I wasn’t really bothered by their complaints. I don’t know how I can be so relax and almost heartless to hear all those complaints. I just don’t care.

To me, it’s all about what you believe. And whether we go to heaven or hell is between you and God. My dad once said “It’s much better to be a good Muslim internally than portraying externally like a Muslim but not behaving like one”. And he is a Chinese Muslim. I just love the quote. A sincere quote. And I love you too!

And yeah, we do curse a lot here. But it doesn't mean anything for offshore people. Our sentence is just incomplete without the F word. In other words, "cukup rasa". And no, I told them we wont go to f-ing hell just because we f-ing swear too much. I really don't f-ing think so. Haha it's soooo offshore!

Now, I need to do more reading and research. I'm pretty sure one day they will ask what is the reason for us to pray at all 5 times i.e. why at near-dawn, after sun's noon, afternoon, sunset and nightfall? And I just don't have any answer for that other than it is an ordained from Allah. Anybody wanna help?

Little sardine sunbathing on the green beach with the rest of the whales. That's what they called me here anyway. LOL

*cheers* <- this is just another word. Not that I'm having beer with you or anything ok!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Lately I’ve been traveling a lot and I received quite a number of envious comments from my peers. People keep telling me how jealous they are looking at me living a wonderful life and how lucky I am with all those paid vacations.

I must admit I’m a bit luckier compared to other people when it comes to work related issues but at the same time I too envy those people who are blessed with wonderful life and happy family. I keep telling them don’t look at what I have but zoom more into what you have and treasure them. I am happy living life traveling around the world but I might be happier just by having a good husband and wonderful kids around me.

Different people have different needs. I do love traveling and yes I won’t stop traveling until I’ve covered almost the whole world, insyaAllah. But at the same time, I think those who are blessed with good husband and healthy children are just luckier and shouldn’t envy me that much. We can be happy no matter where we are but we can’t be happy if we are all alone right?

I’m not alone. I have my wonderful family close to my heart always. I’m thankful to be given another chance to be close with my family and treasure them the most. At this age, I finally have the opportunity to be a good friend to both my father and my mother. That’s how the bond of parents and daughter should be. They are not our parents, they are our best friends. I gossip more with my father lately. I guess I’m just getting older to be able to gossip with a 67 year old guy! Oh~

Anyway, the main message of this post is try not to think of what others have too much because sometimes you just don’t know how much those people envy you with what you have. Though you only have a small hut but it means a lot to certain people! Not every bungalow is a nice place to live in, especially those haunted ones! LOL!

This is one of my favorite pictures. Location: Southbank, London. So yes, I'm lucky!


Saturday, October 2, 2010


a month! Exactly a month now.. well terlebih sehari (1 mo 1 day).. Sebulan dah bermusafir kat negara orang nih.. Kejap rasa laju je masa.. ada hari rasa sangat slow.. So, update untuk sebulan:

  • Alhamdulillah, life is definitely getting better. Kalau recall post awal-awal kisah homesick tu dah boleh senyum kambing gelak kat diri sendiri..
  • Dah tau kat mana nak cari makanan yang sedap! Plenty of good and cheap food available in the country. Ada ayam yang ala-ala Nandos gitu.. boleh la~~
  • Been to the Capital Market.. itu ala-ala shopping street diorang lah.. more like a bazaar cina kalau kat kangar tuh.. hehe.. They sell lots of things, from jubah, kain cotton, dresses, jeweleries versi main-main tu.. macam2 lah.. Jubah are pretty cheap. Bought one for my BIL @ RM30. And the quality is good too. Kain cotton pulak mostly priced around RM15 to RM20 for 5 meters. 5 meter = RM15 ok! bukan semeter! haha.. This is ridiculously cheap and I'm sure gonna stock up my kain cotton before I go back to Malaysia nanti. Mak sungguh excited ye bila dengar kain sangat murah.. Haha..
  • I like working on the rig more than the office. Coz they have lots of entertainment!
  • Hari-hari main Wii sampai sore arm. I can't lift my right arm at the moment due to excessive boxing and tennis. Had lots of fun with the crew here.
  • Dah pandai jugak ber Foosball! takdela tangan bangku rupanya.. haha
  • They have quite an impressive Gym so I've been working out a lot lately. Ke arah badan yang sihat dan cergas!
  • Food dkt atas rig dah makin menurun taraf kesedapannya. They had crew change and I prefer the previous cook more than the current one. I eat less lately. Camne nak gumuk la?
  • I kinda miss home too. But I keep on calling Mak every 2 days or so when I have time. It's a bit hard to gossip coz the line gets delayed by few seconds so nanti berebut dengan mak nak bergossip huhu..
  • Wonder what's going on with my Papa. He's been less active in FB now. Dulu hari-hari kemaruk FB.. Where have you been Pa?? (he's a silent reader.. shy reader.. lol) Maybe I should give him a call too
  • My sis seems to be very busy.. Macam tengah run for PM post pulak.. hihi.. You wanna go for election in Gebeng or Kerteh? ;p hope everything is fine there..
  • Work wise.. Hurm..I kinda realize I'm a bit impatience when it comes to teaching people who doesn't use the correct tone and words in asking questions.. Some sort of nak marah gitu.. Haha.. That's why I personally think it's important for you to use the correct words and tone when you wanna ask something.. Ke saya yang lebih emosi? Tapi kalau orang lain tanya I can be very happy to teach them. Kadang-kadang tu mungkin rasa poyo sekejap sebab asyik nak share new things I learned without being asked. Haha. Confirm tak boleh jadi cikgu nih.. Oh I'm referring to the ministry people yang arab tuh.. Mungkin perasaan kurang suka dgn the previous reps yang bercakap seakan-akan tercekik microphone dalam tekak dia tu kot..then ter-assume semua orang arab-africa ni mcm ni peelnye.. Will try to be nicer to them after this... Fuh!
  • These few days banyak emo dengan management in town & KL. Now dah masuk tahap malas nak layan. So mood happy dah surge.. Sebabnya bebel lah berhari-hari pun takdenye things gonna change or gets better. So jangan buang masa, jangan buang tenaga muncung sana sini.. Tapi lepas ni dah tau la selok belok management so takde lah dorang boleh tabur janji manis camtu je kan?
  • Weather kat sini sangat best! Memang belom ada belang-belang dkt muka lagi lah sejak-sejak naik rig nih. Maybe bcoz we are 153km from the beach so panas pantai tu kurang kot? haha tahla.. ni theory sendiri.. Plus the rig is humongous so banyak benda ala-ala skyscraper meng-cover sinaran matahari..
  • Ok tetiba takde mood. Bye

Friday, September 24, 2010

Nilai sebuah PEKERJAAN

I received an interesting email from a dear friend A (thanks darling) and feels like sharing it with all of you.. Membuatkan saya pun tersentak sekejap.......... Enjoy reading though it's a bit lengthy... =)


"Kenapa anda mahu jadi doktor?", saya melemparkan soalan ini, selepas mempertontonkan kepada pelajar di IMU tadi video dari koleksi Stephen R. Covey.

Pelajar yang hadir tersenyum-senyum.

"Sebab minat biologi?", saya bertanya.

Ramai yang ketawa. Itu mungkin alasan semasa di Tingkatan 4 dahulu.

"Sebab suka tolong orang?", saya terus bertanya.

Ramai yang mengangguk.

"Well, come on. Ramai yang hantar anak buat perubatan supaya boleh rawat ibu bapa sendiri nanti. Tetapi realitinya, kamu bukan manusia pertama boleh muncul memberikan rawatan jika berlaku apa-apa kepada ibu bapa. Malah ketika di bilik pembedahan dan wad kecemasan, ahli keluarga bukanlah calon terbaik untuk merawat ahli keluarga sendiri. Namanya, profesionalisma." saya menyambung provokasi.

"Kamu nak tolong suami, isteri dan anak-anak? Rasa saya, suami doktor, isteri doktor dan anak-anak doktorlah yang paling banyak kena berdikari", saya terus mencucuk jarum.

"Saya selalu beritahu isteri, bahawa apabila awak berjaya jadi specialist nanti, jangan lupa bahawa orang yang paling banyak berkorban ialah tiga orang ini. Anak-anak kita. Merekalah yang berkorban, melepaskan masa yang sepatutnya kita beri kepada mereka, agar kita berjaya", saya berkongsi cerita.

Saya sengaja mengacah pelajar-pelajar di IMU supaya berfikir bersungguh-sungguh, mengapa mereka memilih bidang perubatan.

Jika anda seorang perempuan yang bakal menjadi doktor, anda perlu tahu bahawa walaupun negara amat terdesak kepada adanya ramai tenaga pakar, anda tidak akan diberikan 'kemudahan' untuk menjadi pakar. Anda tidak ada cuti bersalin, seandainya anda 'termengandung' semasa sedang membuat program pakar. Anda tidak menerima sebarang elaun untuk membeli buku. Semua kena guna duit sendiri. Kursus dan seminar yang anda hadir, anda mesti membayarnya sendiri. Mungkin anda terpaksa menawarkan diri menjadi AJK agar dapat dikecualikan dari yuran, walaupun anda tahu akibat menjadi AJK itu. Semua orang mahu anda bekerja seperti orang lain, ketika anda terdesak menghadapi peperiksaan. Tiada belas, tiada insentif.

Misalnya isteri saya, kerana 2 minggu cuti yang diperuntukkan untuk kecemasan dan lain-lain, sudah pun digunakan bersalin, lupakanlah kenduri kendara di kampung, lupakanlah ibu bapa, 6 bulan tiada cuti.

Bukan calang-calang kerja.

Anda mahu menjadi pelajar perubatan kerana mahu menolong orang? Tolonglah diri sendiri kerana anda yang amat memerlukan pelbagai pertolongan itu nanti.

"Maka, apa tujuan anda mahu menjadi doktor?", soalan yang sama saya ulang sekali lagi.

Pelajar-pelajar itu termenung. Sesi soal jawab tiada soalan, kerana semua soalan adalah untuk ditanya kepada diri sendiri, dan diri sendirilah yang perlu menjawabnya.


Kuliah kali ini adalah tentang nilai. APA NILAI YANG DIBAWA DALAM SEBUAH PEKERJAAN? Dalam sebuah kehidupan.

Jika seorang isteri mengungkit di hadapan suami, bahawa kerja rumahnya, kerjanya 'melayan suami', tidak mungkin mampu dibalas walaupun dengan bayaran RM2000 sebulan, maka nilai apakah yang ada pada dirinya? Saya tidak bermaksud membela lelaki yang tidak tahu menghargai isterinya, tetapi dalam kes ini, si perempuan itu sudah menjatuhkan dirinya.

Hanya 'bibik' sahaja yang buat kerja rumah untuk duit. Maafkan saya, hanya pelacur sahaja yang meletakkan harga pada layanannya terhadap seorang lelaki.

Seorang ibu membuat kerja rumah kerana Nilai Kasih Sayang. Seorang isteri juga melakukan apa yang ia lakukan atas NILAI KASIH SAYANG. Maka tanpa kasih sayang, perkahwinan adalah beban. Malah sumber kebencian.

Menentukan nilai, sebagai pendorong kita melakukan sesuatu adalah sangat penting. Nilai itu akan mencorakkan tingkah laku kita terhadap pekerjaan yang kita lakukan.


Kalau pekerjaan diukur dengan nilai wang, maka kita akan berhadapan dengan banyak masalah , walaupun wang berjaya diperolehi.

Sekarang ni sudah menjadi satu trend kepada dua industri, kalau boleh saya katakan industri. Yang pertamanya adalah industri perubatan, dan yang keduanya, industri berkaitan petroleum . Trend yang saya maksudkan di sini, adalah perpisahan di antara seorang suami atau isteri dengan pasangannya, serta anak-anak, kerana prospek kerjaya dan desakan nilai wang itu tadi.

Sudah menjadi kebiasaan, pasangan yang sudah berumahtangga, berpisah sementara (bukan calang-calang sementara) demi melepaskan isteri yang bekerja sebagai jururawat di luar negara, khususnya di negara Teluk. Begitu juga dengan mereka yang terbabit dengan industri petroleum, bekerja di negara Teluk dan Afrika, menyahut saranan majikan untuk meningkatkan kerjaya dan pendapatan dengan berhijrah ke negara yang menagih kepakaran kita. Ia hebat, menggiurkan. .. tetapi output daripadanya merunsingkan saya.

Itu, belum lagi dikorek kisah suami di Johor, isteri di Pulau Pinang atau Kuala Lumpur ..

Trend ini berlaku dan merebak di dalam masyarakat, dan saya ditakdirkan Allah bertemu dengan outputnya. Saya bertemu dengan anak-anak remaja, yang ayah mereka pulang ke Malaysia 4 kali setahun. Saya bertemu dengan kes, suami main kayu tiga ketika isteri meninggalkannya gersang setahun di tanah air. Saya juga bertemu dengan kes isteri yang mem'poligami' kan suaminya dengan bersuamikan orang lain semasa di perantauan. Dan kes-kes ini membiak dari semasa ke semasa. Tidak pernah menjadi tajuk berita. Nauzubillah

Tentu sahaja, hasil kewangan dari kenaikan pangkat dengan bekerja jauh dari pasangan dan anak-anak, boleh mengubah nasib keluarga. Tetapi perubahan itu apakah ke arah positif atau negatif? Maka yang dikejar dalam sebuah rumah tangga dan perkahwinan, apakah boleh disandarkan pada nilai material?


Nilai berkadar terus dengan harga. Tinggi nilai, tinggilah harga. Tinggi harga, banyaklah korban dan pengorbanan yang diperlukan bagi mendapatkannya. Untuk bekerja dengan gaji RM10,000 sebulan, apakah harga yang perlu dibayar untuk nilai material RM10K itu? Kehancuran rumah tangga, kepincangan emosi dan identiti anak-anak, dosa... itulah harga yang mungkin perlu dibayar untuk nilai material yang dijadikan asas bekerja.

Anak-anak yang mewah dengan nilai material ini, gersang dan menderita pada nilai kasih sayang dan perhatian ibu bapanya. Sering saya ulang, 'mereka adalah generasi yang kesunyian'.

Jangan terkejut, dengan hanya 3 hari perkenalan, seorang remaja boleh menjadi mangsa lelaki yang berniat jahat. Mengapa begitu mudah? Lelaki itu memberi sesuatu yang tiada diperolehi remaja tersebut di dalam keluarganya iaitu KASIH SAYANG dan PERHATIAN.

Malam ini saya mahu pelajar-pelajar yang hadir ke kuliah ini, melatih diri mereka dengan tabiat " Begin With the End in Mind". Lihatlah apa yang menanti di hujung perjalanan mereka sebagai seorang doktor perubatan, jurutera dsb


Maka, semenjak mereka di bangku pengajian, soal nilai yang ingin dibawa pada kerjaya di masa hadapan, mesti ditentukan.

Anda boleh mengambil sikap tidak mengendahkan hal ini, bekerjalah selagi mampu, kejarlah habuan material yang dikejar selama ini, tetapi anda perlu meneliti harga yang perlu dibayar. Perhatikan di mana korbannya? Harga dan korban itu mungkin rumah tangga, mungkin pesakit, dan yang paling besar, mungkin sistem itu sendiri.

Hati saya amat terhiris, mendengar kawan-kawan saya dan isteri, mengeluh tentang satu demi satu penceraian yang menimpa pasangan doktor. Sama ada kedua-dua suami dan isteri itu doktor, atau salah seorang daripada mereka.


Atas provokasi inilah, saya mengajak sahabat - sahabat, untuk menyemak hubung kait bidang pekerjaan dengan Tujuan Hidup mereka. Kenang kembali siapa mereka di alam ini? Kenal diri, dan kenallah Ilahi.

Kita sebagai hamba Allah, menjaga tali kita dengan Dia yang disembah. Yang diabdikan diri kepada-Nya. Ia hablun minaLlah.

Kita sebagai khalifah, menjaga tali kita dengan manusia ciptaan-Nya, kerana kita ditugaskan menjadi saluran kebaikan-Nya ke alam ini. Ia hablun minannaas.

Buat baik kepada sesama manusia, boleh dengan sedekah, boleh dengan memimpin tangan si buta di pinggir jalan. Namun sedekah hanya sekali sekala, orang buta bukan setiap hari kita jumpa. Jalan kebaikan yang paling utama, adalah pada menjadikan kerja sebagai ibadah. Memberi kebaikan kepada manusia, melalui pekerjaan yang dikurniakan Allah kepada kita.


Jika kerja jadi ibadah, Allah adalah 'CEO' kita. The unsung hero beroleh quwwah, untuk terus membuat kebaikan, biar sekecil mana pun di mata insan.

Jika kerja jadi ibadah, ia jalan Taqarrub kepada Allah. Tidak tergamak menghambur dosa, kerja dibuat sebaik yang upaya.

Jika kerja jadi ibadah, biar sempit jalan KEPERLUAN, asalkan luas perjalanan mencapai TUJUAN.

Ubah paradigma, betulkan nilai pada kerja.

Teruskan cita-cita kalian menjalani kerjaya masing-masing. Ia cara terbesar, kamu zahirkan syukur kepada-Nya.

Kita hamba-Nya, kita Khalifah-Nya.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ma Maison (rumah saya)

Cewah sejak duduk Mauritania asyik speaking French gitu.. Bolehla sepatah dua kata nak jadi peramah dengan guard-guard kat sini.. Lepas tu bila dia reply dengan lajunya terusla terkebil-kebil tak faham apa.. haha..

Anyway, today dapat khabar berita. Rumah yang ditunggu dah boleh ambil kunci. Tunggu bank fully disburse lagi 2.5% then boleh la start operation sewa-menyewa! Ye, saye beli sebuah rumah di sekitar Ampang tu. Dekat area-area Korean sana. Rumah ni besau 1290sq ft. Boleh buat padang futsal la jugak kot? Plan memang tak nak duduk. Nak rent out. Sesapa yang ada bakat terpendam jadi agent rumah bolehlah tolong-tolong saya eh? Ataupun sesapa BERMINAT nak menyewa pun boleh jugak! Empty boleh, semi furnished boleh fully furnished pun boleh you~

Aritu developer cakap kunci boleh ambik in Nov/Dec timeframe. Pikir2 sempat la balik untuk furnish sendiri rumah ni. Tup-tup dah siap dah. Alamak express rakyat la pulak eh. Harap-harap lambat lagi la bank disburse balance 2.5% tu ye. Lewat la start bayar rumah. haha. Tapi ni ada pulak cakap dalam surat tu kena pegi MPAJ untuk sign sijil kelayakan menduduki. Alamak! Camne pulak tu? Nak balik untuk bi-monthly appointment dengan dokter pun boss tak bagi, ni kan pulak nak balik untuk sign kelayakan menduduki? Hmm.. Ada sesapa yang penah berpengalaman dalam hal ni tak? I mean new house la..

Apa-apa pun excited jugak nak furnish rumah ni. Kesian kakak saya nak kena tolong jadi runner. Takpe kak, nanti balik cakap la nak makan apa.. hehe.. Nasib baik jugak ada anak jiran sebelah rumah masa kat kampung dulu kerja bab-bab ID nih. So mintak dia yang tolong furnish kan aje. Kebetulan pun dia jugak bakal di-hire oleh kakak saya untuk reno rumah dia nanti. 2 in 1 la gitu kannn! Harini kebetulan server email semua down. Makanya lagho je lah. Surf sana surf sini cari harga untuk buat budget nak furnish rumah. Gedebak gedebuk cecah 5 angka!! Hah pengsan!!! Kalau ada yang tau kat mana boleh cari peralatan rumah i.e. kitchen appliances, audio/video & furniture yang sungguh ROCK BOTTOM tu sila lah roger saya ya! Sangat-sangat menghargainye!

Ni saje la kekonon nak table out apa yang perlu dibeli. Last-last jadi ala-ala arkitek murahan. Sekali tengok baru perasan.. Sungguh buruk tulisan ku!! :p Tulisan engineer camni kot?? Ni lay out yang tak ikut scale. Siap tak ingat kat mana location toilet untuk master bedroom. So belasah aje.. Adalah tu dia di mana-mana kan.. Otak dah blur.. Ada apa-apa lagi yang perlu ditambah ke eh? Tolong bagi idea~~ Ramai kawan-kawan dah beli rumah ni kan... Sharing is caring la sikit.. hihi

Spread the words jugak untuk sesiapa yang nak menyewa.. Atau nak jadi agent.. Sapa cepat dia dapat! cewah! Ok.. saya kena benti melagho.. Kerjalah!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Facebook Limit

Limit macam speed limit. Bukan ya rakan-rakan. Topic kali ni saje je bikin panas. Fesbuk seperti yang diketahui ramai memang mudah digunakan, menceriakan dan mengundang bahana pun banyak juga ya. So saya pun rasa dah lama nak publish post pasal mukabuku ni tapi asyik tergendala aje.

Few things I noticed about people utilizing their FB account nih. Memang lah dekat status update tu dia cakap "what's on your mind?" tapi that does not mean setiap satu perkara yang ada dalam benak kamu tu harus wajib kamu update. Ye kan? Tapi siapalah saya nak menghalang kamu. Dah nama pun account kamu. Type le apa yang kamu suka. Tapi pada saya biarlah apa yang kita cerita dekat rakan-rakan tu ditapis dulu.

Contoh 1:

Si A type dekat wall suaminya/isterinya si B "Ayang, I rindu kat you la.. Malam ni malam jumaat kan? Pakai wangi-wangi ya"

That kind of situation lah. Saya tak boleh la nak copy paste sebijik-sebijik apa yang telah saya nampak di FB saya tu. Nanti menjatuhkan maruah Si A dan juga Si B. Tapi nasihat saya pada Si A dan Si B, biarlah rahsia rumahtangga kamu tu terusss menjadi rahsia. Bukan la saya ni jealous ke apa dengan tahap kemesraan super duper trooper kamu tu tapi saya rasa jelek la bila baca status update macam tu.. Well, again this is just an example. Don't misinterpret this point ya? =)

Contoh 1 ni sepatutnya lebih mendalam. Tapi nanti saya takut orang tu terasa pulak. Maklumla blog ni direct link dengan FB kan. Saya nak bagi nasihat pun, dah hint dua tiga kali tapi masih tak jalan. Mungkin tak semua tahu cara mencari isi tersirat kot? Wallahu'alam. Apa-apa pun saya buat post ni bukan nak jatuhkan sesiapa tapi just utk remind diri sendiri. Harap-harap bila saya dah kemaruk berkeluarga nanti takde la setiap masa saya update status perhubungan saya dan suami.. hehe.

Contoh 2:


Apa interpretation kamu dengan emoticon yang sebijik camni? Sudah pasti ramai yang berlumba-lumba nak comment status kamu kan? Akan ada yang concern dengan kamu dan tanya kenapa? etc.. Ada juga yang sendiri interpret based on your previous status updates. Ala-ala buat correlation gitu lah. Kalau mengena sasaran, baguslah. Tapi kalau tersasar boleh mengundang gaduh! Betul kan? Kamu sedih sebab A tapi ada orang yang ingat kamu sedih sebab B dan tanpa diduga orang lain buat comment yang tak kena dengan citarasa kamu. Dengan emoticon yang sebijik tu, mana mungkin orang boleh interpret perasaan kamu kalau tiada cerita sepenuhnya bukan? Makanya, wajarkah kamu utk terasa hati dengan comment-comment orang lain yang tak memenuhi citarasa kamu? Sendiri tanya sendiri jawab lah tuan-tuan dan puan-puan..

Contoh 3:

Tak guna pakcik ni.. Tak guna pakcik tu..

Haa yang ni sangat common.. Marah dengan pakcik moto yang kamu hampir nak langgar pagi tadi berbakul-bakul kamu update dekat facebook. Satu je soalan saya.. Pakcik moto tu ada dalam friend list kamu tak? Dia tahu tak kamu tengah marah membuak-buak dengan dia? Kalau ada baguslah, tapi kalau ada memang saya tabik spring la kan! So kalau jawapannya takde, kamu rase apa faedah yang kamu dapat dari status tersebut? Well, mostly akan ramai la orang yang mengapi-apikan kamu dekat comment section tu. Biasala manusia. Bila bercerita panas je, mesti ramai yang participate. Daripada kamu marah di scale 2/10 terus kamu cecah boiling point 10/10! Ting! Ting! Tahniah! Anda berjaya dapat tempat pertama gitu! Ha kan betul tu. So kesimpulannya, kalau marah tu tengokla ada faedah tak untuk kita update status kita macam tu.. Kadang-kadang memang la nak kongsi perasaan marah tu tapi kalau dah maki berbakul-bakul tu lain jadinya eh?

Contoh 4:

Govt makan duit rakyat! etc etc!

Oh tolong jangan sita blog saya eh. Saya bagi CONTOH aje tau! Golongan ni kalau ada dalam list kawan kamu memang sentiasa penuh la FB kamu. Macam-macam jenis link dia tampal di wall dia. Tapi yang syoknya kan, kamu beria-ia marah parti tu parti ni, tapi ade ke datuk-datuk, tan sri-tan sri tu dengar leteran kamu? Kalau ada baguslah, at least berbaloi la kamu update status hari-hari tu. Tapi kalau SUARA RAKYAT kamu tu tak sampai ke telinga pembesar-pembesar ni, apa faedahnya? So far I don't see any SIGNIFICANT impact pun on this thing. Berbakul-bakul kamu suarakan pendapat kamu pun, nobody listen. Except kaum-kaum yang sewaktu dengan kamu yang akan sama-sama menghangatkan topic yang kamu dah update kan tu.

Okeh. I'm not supposed to PERTIKAIKAN sesiapa di sini. Tapi ni semua observation sahaja. And also for my own note. Nanti bila dah jadi melayu-mudah-lupa punya spesis, boleh la baca balik post ni. hehe. For all 4 contohs, ada reason kenapa saya raise di blog ni... Sila lihat before kamu misinterpret point penulisan saya:

Reason 1: Like I mentioned in the contoh itself, some things are better left unsaid. Or lebih wajib lagi kalau saya cakap, hal rumahtangga toksah la cerita dekat facebook tu. Yang membahagiakan memang la disukai tapi hal-hal dalam selimut tu biarkan terus tinggal dalam selimut ya...

Reason 2: Kalau tengah sedih, jangan update status anda. Dah tentunya anda sedih, emosi anda ntah kat point negative mana dah. So bila orang comment, anda akan melantun ke point yang lagi negative. Cara terbaik, diam aje. Tak pun update la kejap (yeah sometimes writing helps to change your mood) then after a while delete balik post tu supaya takde orang misinterpret emosi kamu dan kamu pun kurang ber-emosi..

Reason 3: Same applies to this point. Memang lumrah la bila marah nak luahkan pada seseorang. Tapi ingatkan FB tu berorang-orang. Bukan seorang dua. Dan ingatlah bila kita tengah marah, ramai yang suka mengapi-apikan kita. Tanpa sedar, tahap marah yang tadinya minor dah jadi boiling point! Again, update sekejap kalau kamu rasa itu membantu kamu untuk meredakan kemarahan. Ataupun itu lah satu-satunya cara kamu meng express diri kamu. After a while delete la post tu. Tak elok rasanya asyik bagitau orang lain kamu marah. Orang pun tak suka kawan dengan kamu kalau asyik marah aje status kamu..

Reason 4: Yang ni susah nak kata. Saya pun belom ada solution untuk ini. Habis sangat saya HIDE aje orang ni dari status update tu. Hehe. So takde la sakit mata hari-hari mengadap politikalllllzzz (yes I don't like politics at all..) Cuma kalau ada yang terbaca ni, jangan lah jadi extreme sangat. Marah berbakul-bakul dekat kerajaan pun, kamu tu hidup lagi senang dari saya tau. At least kerajaan kita tak abaikan rakyat sepenuhnya macam kerajaan di Mauritania ni. Yang kaya tuh maha kaya dan yang miskin tu memang rumah pun tak ade.. So bersyukurlah seadanya......

Conclusion: I've done all 4 of the above (no 4 tu marah sebab income tax banyak sangat haha) and that was done before I came to my senses. I had a LONG discussion about FB misusage with my dad recently (ha anda jangan tak tau, papa saya pun ada FB juga tau! Long live my 67 years old papa!) and he pointed out some key things that we have to always remember about using our FB. Don't simply express your mind especially when it comes to your emotion. Kalau anda perasan early this month memang banyak post emosi saya.. Maklumlah tak dapat balik raya. Siap ada yang kena maki direct lagi. Not long after that I wrote an apology note to everybody and deleted the previous post. Well, I've been deleting my posts when I feel better. Sometimes bila marah kita bertindak ikut perasaan. So bila dah reda, kita delete la balik sambil rasa bodohnya saya ni.. benda mcm ni pun nak cerita dekat satu dunia kah? Kadang-kadang rasa malu dengan rakan-rakan yang baca post-post emosi saya tu. Sekarang saya cuba sedaya upaya untuk update yang happy-happy aje dan yang berfaedah. Yang emosi tu semua tolak tepi lah.. Say NO to negative energy!!

Ok, buat yang terasa dengan comment saya, maaf dipinta. Memang kita sebagai manusia tak patut pertikai apa tindakan orang. Tapi lumrah manusia biasa yang memang suka mengomel sana sini.. Saya ada HIDE beberapa orang dari status update tu sebab saya taknak nanti saya tercomment benda yang tak patut akibat dari status update anda. Jangan terasa hati ya. =)

p/s: corak penulisan dah berubah. bagus kah tidak bagus kah? Kamu rasa?


Monday, September 20, 2010

Satu petang...

..di hari Senayan (bahasa apakah itu eh?).. Anyway, hari ni rasa macam membuak-buak perasaan nak update blog nih. Tah apa kena tah tapi okay la kan? At least ada perasaan rajin di situ.. keh keh..

Pejam celik tido tegolek bagai dah 3 minggu saya kat bumi asing nih. Saya? Oh ya, harus tukar pertuturan sebab papa dan adik mungkin baca blog ni. Papa saya ye lah tapi adik saya tu tak tau la dia dah khatam blog2 ni ke belom. Bagus lah, boleh disiplin kan diri untuk control post2 rant emo dan gossip sebagainya! yeay~

3 minggu. Nak rasa lama ke nak rasa kejap ni? Rasa macam dah lama sangat duduk kat Africa ni. Tapi start dari mid last week terus rasa macam jam tu di tune ke fastest speed. It all started since saye pegi naik rig hari Rabu minggu lepas (15 Sept 2010). Before that, setiap hari muka saya toya macam tayar pancit je. Jalan pun malas je. Buat kerja apatah lagi. Normal speed untuk siapkan 1 task paling lama pun 2 hours. Saya ni cukup cepat buat kerja. Tebiat dalam diri memang suka race against time. Suka complete task ahead of time. Ka ching ke arah PPA 1~! Oh, untuk kamu yang tak tahu PPA 1 tuh apa.. meh sini saya nak jelaskan.. PPA stands for Personal Performance Appraisal or something like that lah.. yang pasti ianya Appraisal kerja. Ada 4 ranking, 1 2 3 dan of course lah 4 kan. 1 tuh memang kamu itu sangat la superman! Mantop gitu keje. Outstanding sungguh. 2 pulak kamu tetap mantap tapi kamu tak cukup syarat untuk naik pangkat jadi President lagi.. (hoho).. 3 pulak kamu buat kerja cukup-cukup makan aje. Kamu meet expectation lah. Tak lebih tak kurang. 4 pulak kamu seolah-olah tak cukup berusaha. Ha cenggitu lah kekdahnye.. paham tak? Tak faham nasib kome lah..

2 minggu pertama memang sangat lembab. Bukan PPA 4 lagi dah tapi saya rate diri saya PPA 5! Makan gaji buta! Sebabnye? Kerja-kerja engineering design semua disiapkan nun dia Kuala Lumpur negeri metropolitan idaman ramai. So saya kat sini buat apa? Sepatutnya buatlah follow up dengan contract-contract yang bakal digunakan nanti. Tapi tu dah jadi kerja boss saya kat sini. Main task saya sepanjang assignment ni adelah kerja di atas rig. Ok kalau tak tahu rig tuh apa, sila google. Nanti blog saya jadi tempat explain itu ini pulak.. Memandangkan rig ni ada sikit delay untuk commence drilling, tercungap-cungap la saya meneruskan hidup dekat darat ni (bunyi macam ikan kaloi tak cukup air pulak?). So bila dapat je green light untuk terjah rig hari Rabu haritu, wahhh saye dah happy semacam baru dapat kawin dengan Datuk yang masih muda bergetah! hahahah. sungguh kronik analogy saya. Maaflah dik non kalau rasa ni kurang appropriate. hihi..

Mari cakap pasal happiness saye. Naik rig yang sungguh besar tu sangat la menggumbirakan hati sanubari saye. First time untuk saye naik this type of rig. Rig ada macam-macam jenis. Sila google "rig type". So yang ini jenisnya semi-submersible rig. Dalam erti kata lain, dia separuh tenggelam. Ada pontoon bagai untuk mengapungkannye. Ok boring topic teeeeet. SS (singkatan untuk semi-sub) ni ade banyak generation. This one adelah the 6th generation. Kalau tak salah saye memang terlatest di pasaran lah! Pengalaman saya sebelum-sebelum ni semua dengan rig buruk-buruk dan tua-tua belaka. Maka kali ni dapat rig yang fresh from the oven tu memang menarik tertarik! Rig ni punye besau! Living quarters dia adalah seakan-akan rumah flat 5 tingkat! Hari-hari saya kena angkut badan saye yang tak berapa besar ni naik turun 5 tingkat tau! Harap-harap body mantop la lepas ni.. hahaha (ops, sungguh kurang statement ini). Kalau adik saya baca statement ni, mintak maaf la ye.. Kakak kamu kurang stabil emosi hari ini.. haha..

Berbalik kepada cerita rig saya. Saye satu-satunye WANITA (wahh!) kat atas rig tuh so as expected kebanyakan mata adalah mengekor saya lah.. (ohhh perasannya!) Saye jugak dapat layanan lebih la. Bukan layanan lebih apa pun, kalau saya tanya itu ini, dapat la macam-macam explanation daripada diorang. Unlike my colleague yang tentunya seorang jejaka, dia kena usaha lebih untuk gain their respect and kaut information.. Syukur alhamdulillah dilahirkan sebagai perempuan comel.. (sila muntah sekarang haha).. Saye jugak dapat peluang untuk handle one of the drilling equipment dekat situ. Ok kalau cerita pun kamu mungkin tak faham tapi kalau ada drillers lain yang baca post ni, I got the chance to be a driller yo! Saya dapat peluang guna cyberchair tu dan move the top drive up and down. Tapi takdela sampai tahap pick up drill pipe ke apa. And it's just me yang dapat that opportunity. Syukur Alhamdulillah lagi sekali!

Tapi kegembiraan ku hanya seketika (cewahh). Elok dah bersiap sedia untuk berjuang pada hari ketiga, saye kena anta balik darat pulak. Sebabnya bedspace penuh. Rig ni dah cukup besau boleh accommodate up to 180 ppl pun penuh jugak! Saye pun tak pasti la ada sape yang dibela di atas rig tu. Yang pasti ada 2 orang jejaka dari kerajaan Mauritania yang kerjanya adalah makan sampai penat dan tido sampai lapar. So diorang aje dah take 2 beds. Huhu kutuk baikk punye eh? :P

So ni lah akibatnya bila tak berada di atas rig. Hari-hari datang office buat apa-apa yang patut. Usually pagi2 ada banyak operations meeting. So dalam pukul 11 camtu baru start buat keja dan buat-buat berkerja. Dan most of the time jadi penunggu FB.. hahaha.. sungguh tragis la kehidupan saya dua tiga hari ni.. Apa pun, emosi saye sungguh stabil. Rasanya terlebih stabil sampaikan saya mampu buat satu post sebegini rupa. Tak penah kot? Takpe.. good start kan. Slalu serious ajo.. Saye ada lagi 5 hari untuk berhappy-happy berhuha-huha di office ni. Sabtu ni (25th Sept) insyaAllah turn saya pulak naik rig dan mula berkerja 2 minggu offshore, 2 minggu onshore sampai habis project. Kalau dekat atas rig tu, suram la sikit blog ni rasanya.

Ok. Selamat meneruskan minggu ini dengan kerja-kerja yang berfaedah ya. Ramai yang complaint pasal start berkerja hari ni eh? Tu la, lain kali jangan cuti raya lama-lama. Nak lagi best, jangan cuti raya langsung macam saya ni! hehe.. Til we meet again peeps~

Saye rasa ni lah gambar saya yang paling tercantik sekali.. haha. Rambut dah panjang and dah serabut.. Tak tau la kat mana nak trim rambut nanti.. Mesti jadi macam orang Africa.. hehe


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Hola! Como estas? Hehe poyo jap. Well peeps, I’ve just got back from an extremely pleasant Aidil Fitri weekend getaway in Spain. As the title goes, myself together with a few colleagues went to the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It’s one of the Canary Islands located not far from West Africa. It belongs to Spain though it’s far away from its mainland. Another famous island is the Tenerife, in case you have not heard of Las Palmas before.

We took the Mauritania Airways, which I would describe as the worst airline services I’ve ever board. Well, there’s nothing much that we can expect from this country anyway. Our flight was scheduled to depart on the eve of Eid, at 1900 hours but when we went to the airport, we were informed to come back 2 hours later due to flight delay. Our logistic coordinator on the other hand, told a different story about this airline. He suspected that the flight was overbooked and they were trying to push passengers out of the flight. Sounds ridiculous to me but it had happened before. Nevertheless, we managed to board the flight at the very last minute due to miscommunication with our logistic rep.

Ok cakap melayu takut ada orang baca post ni nanti. Negara ni majority penduduknya orang Arab dan jugak African. Mostly semua orang tau perangai dua bangsa ni adalah kasar and tak peduli kan orang. So masa dekat atas plane, diorang ni belasah je ambil seat orang lain walaupun its numbered seating. Bila suruh diorang pindah, mula la nak melenting. Yang lagi pelik, cabin size luggage tu boleh pulak dia letak depan seat je and the overhead compartment tu tak full langsung. It’s a big luggage and to me it’s a hazard, especially during emergency. Cabin crew pulak memang muka masam habis, tak senyum, takde perasaan. Mungkin dia pun dah faham perangai kaum2 dia gamaknya so dia buat bodoh je. Then elok je take off, belum sempat plane tu stabil diorang dah bangun berjalan sana sini. Steward pulak kena datang suruh diorang duduk balik sebab seat belt sign masih switch on. And you can imagine how it went after that kan.. Masa touch down pun sama. Elok je tayar jejak tanah, kelam kabut pak2 arab/Africa ni bangun dari seat masing2. Then terus bukak overhead compartment utk keluarkan segala jenis size bag yang ada. Again, steward pun kena suruh diorang duduk balik sampai la plane completely stop. Masa tu jugak dah macam2 jenis bunyi sms and call masuk. Rasanya mungkin diorang tak switch off langsung kot hp tu. Announcement semua dalam French and Arabic so tak tau la apa instruction yang diorang bagi before take off and landing. *sigh

After 3 hours flight, we safely arrived Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria. A bit funny when most of us get our tongue twisted between French and Spanish. I find it easier to learn Spanish compared to French. Til now I don’t really know how to speak proper French. Ni semua gara-gara influence Telenovela! Should have Telenovela in French la kot.. hehe. Anyway, there’s a family who went with us for the trip and once we arrived, they noticed that the baby’s stroller was missing. They passed to the cabin crew before they boarded and it is nowhere to be found. It could probably be at Nouakchott airport or the Nouadibhou Airport where we had a transit stop there. We then found out that the stroller is considered as hand carried item and we are supposed to store it in the overhead compartment. Pelik kan?

On our first day, we went down south of the island to Puerto de Mogan. We had 2 hours bus ride to get there and had very breathtaking scenery throughout the journey. The ride was an extreme and thrill one coz we went uphill. Salute to the driver coz he didn't seem to brake much during the ride and their buses are superb, as if we're riding a 4WD! Anyway, my favorite place is the Puerto Rico (not the one in Venezuela ye). The view is just splendid and I can’t simply put it in words! I have a little wish to go back there for honeymoon trip, boleh? Hehe. Main activity at Mogan was shopping and sight seeing. On Friday, they have a very large flea market where they sell souvenirs and other items. One of the main attractions is the tablecloth/table runner and they are pretty cheap too. Another attraction here is the submarine tour, where we can actually have a ride in the submarine! No, we didn’t manage to get into the submarine as the ticket was fully booked and we had to wait for about 1 hour to get on the next ride.

On the second day, we took the open top bus tour to go to several places in Las Palmas. We managed to go to the Columbus House, where Christopher Columbus made a stop during his sailing trip. It’s now turned to a gallery and also serves as a library to the locals. The bus tour also serves as our main transportation to go around the city for our shopping spree. Things are incredibly cheap there especially Zara, since its origin country is Spain. I bought quite few clothes for myself and for my family as souvenirs. Korang penah ke beli jeans berharga 3 euro = RM12??? Haha, den dah ponah dah.. 2 helai lagi tau!! Pencapaian yang sangat dibanggakan!

Not much of information to share coz the rest of the day was mainly filled with shopping. I’m still suffering from foot cramps due to excessive shopping. Haha. But I really had fun in Las Palmas. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been so far.. kalah Edinburgh ok! Hari ni agak kurang idea and mood menulis.. Mood swing datang lagi.. Pics will be uploaded in FB soon….


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Raya di perantauan

Entry ni berbaur sedih.. macam2 emosi bergolak dalam hati skarang ni. hehe. Awal2 dulu masa dapat tau kena raya kat sini (Mauritania), ada jugak yang ckp "eh nanti raya camne? kesiannye.." tak kurang jugak yang cakap "abisla you, raya nanti nangis2 tak berlagu la.."

Reaction aku? Kepada sesapa yang ucap ayat pertama, aku ckp "takpe, saya dah redha ni.. hati kering dah" and reaction dekat UCAPAN kedua, "takde maknanya" sambil blah dengan muka mcm nak tumbuk je si pengucapnye tu.. Ade ke pulak patut cakap camtu kan? Nyakitkan hati je..huh.

Anyway, ada sebab nape aku cakap aku REDHA and HATI KERING. To those yang tau kisah aku before this, you will understand me for saying it out loud. To those yang tak tau, mungkin korang akan rasa "ceh belagak, tunggu la malam raya ni sure nangis punye". Well I don't blame you for having that "thought".. Bunyi memang agak arrogant.. Mana la ade manusia tak nangis kalau raya SORANG2 jauh dari family? Nak lagi best kalau kena raya atas rig, masa tengah drilling.. huhu.. Tapi, tah. Masa tu pikir redha je dengan semua yang dah tertulis utk life aku. So here I am, ABOUT to celebrate Aidil Fitri nun jauh di perantauan.

Tak, tak jadi raya dekat atas rig. Kalau raya atas rig, maknanya tak raya langsung lah. I'm pretty sure I'll be the only Muslim dekat atas rig tu. So far tengok crew mostly Danish dengan Philippines. Have not heard about local crew. And confirm I'm the only lady onboard the rig. *limelight on me please* haha. Oh sedikit info pasal penentuan tarikh puasa dan raya di Mauritania ni. Diorang guna naked eyes untuk skodeng anak bulan, n0 binocular is allowed sebab katanya tak accurate atau kurang tepat untuk penentuan. Mazhab sini Hanafi ke Hambali tah, lupa pulak so diorang pun skodeng la sampai nampak. Kalau tak nampak jugak sampai midnite, baru diorang declare. Sama la keadaannya masa nak puasa dulu. Tengah malam baru tau puasa ke tidak. So semalam semua orang pun tunggu la sampai tengah malam. Tapi aku separuh jalan je terus kiok. Pagi tadi blur2 raya ke tidak. Funny eh? hehe.

Malam ni (now kul 10.40am), aku akan terbang ke Las Palmas, Spain dengan budak2 office Melayu yang lain. Diorang actually dah plan lama dah untuk celebrate Aidil Fitri kat sana. Mostly celebrate dengan sight seeing and shopping lah. Sana barang murah. Sini benda ada yang murah and ada jugak yang ridiculously expensive. Aku pulak just nak isi masa lapang je, daripada raya sorang2 dekat mansion aku tu, baiklah expand lagi Eurotrip ni kan. Google Las Palmas pun nampak cantik semacam je.. Huuu can't wait!!

Emosi kat sini memang macam bad weather. Kejap ok, kejap k.o. Semalam ternangis for the first time lah sepanjang 10 hari aku bermusafir di Mauritania ni. Semuanya disebabkan satu entry dekat FB. Well, memang la ada kawan2 yang nak bergurau senda dengan aku dengan lawak2 "takleh makan ketupat,nyam nyam nyamm" tapi ntah kali ni gurauan tu semacam sangat pedih je. Yela, this is my very FIRST time beraya tanpa family, kalau tanpa suami tu dah memang tak penah lah.. hahaha (ok sewel kejap). Aku ni dahlah anak manja, and lately jadi sangatlah fragile. Sikit2 nangis je keje.. huhu. Dah makin tua ni, makin bebudak lak perangai aku.. Haih...

26 tahun raya dengan family, penah sekali je tak raya Aidil ADHA dengan family. Tu masa study dekat UTP dulu. Ntah nape tak balik, probably cuti mid week kot. Tu pun aku nangis meraung jugak tak dapat balik. For those yang kurang tahu, Perlis sambut Aidil Adha sama meriah macam Aidil Fitri. Sebab tu la terasa sangat bila tak balik. Tapi tak balik Aidil Fitri ni lagi menyedihkan lah.. Terbayang2 aje umah baru mak tu dengan riuh rendah adik beradik yang lain. Ni la first time nak beraya di rumah baru mak. Combo pulak tahun ni, Aidil Fitri & Aidil Adha. Tapi apa nak buat. Adala hikmah yang lebih baik utk aku kot lepas ni? InsyaAllah.....

Anyway, to everyone yang sudi baca blog ni, selamat menyambut hari raya Aidil Fitri. Appreciate your family and have a wonderful celebrations. Mohon maaf atas semua yang dah dicakapkan, especially lately ni emosi memang sangat2 macam volcano. Yang buruk tu sesungguhnya memang datang dari aku. Tataplah gambar aku dekat yard ni ha.. haha.. Puasa2 pegi turun yard yang sungguh panas terik tu memang sangat2 mencabar. Hampir2 je nak terpecah puasa sebab dehydrated gile2.. huhu.. Syukur, berjaya tamatkan dugaan Ramadhan dengan jayanya! Eh, jaya ke? Emosi asyik marah orang tu tak berjaya.. =(


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


As some may have known, I’m currently on overseas assignment. It’s my first overseas assignment and guess how fortunate I am to be located in the Africa?! I’m currently in Mauritania, West Africa. Yeah, you would probably have not heard of Mauritania, just like me when I was first assigned to this project. I had to check on the globe to see where this place is. As stated, it’s on the west side and down south is Senegal while up north is the Western Sahara. I have never been to any African country before this, so I was living with imaginations based on other people’s words. They have been telling me that this place is way uncivilized and its kind of like 40 years behind Malaysia, no shopping mall, bowling alley, karaoke etc...

When I first landed in Mauritania, I had to walk out of the plane, just like the LCCT airport. The airport is small, like a small city’s airport Alor Star kinda airport. The immigration was a bit unsystematic. Lucky for us, we have our own dedicated airport staff who works there to take us through the immigration. First thing I noticed, this country is full with flies and mosquitoes. I was pretty sure to be infected by aedes or some other kind of mosquitoes that night. Haha. And there were a lot of poor people waiting just outside of the airport. They beg for money with their babies in their arms, and they followed us up to the car. They really begged and knocked the car window and heck that was scary. And it didn't just happen at the airport. The beggars are everywhere. They stood near the traffic light and beg for money from the cars that stop at the traffic light.

As for the accommodation, we have a dedicated house here. Its called PC1, PC3 and PC7. PC1 is actually a mansion with 8 big rooms. Each room is as big as a medium apartment in KL (probably 1000sq ft). And the bathroom is just as big as my room back in KL! PC1 is dedicated for my team where we are supposed to live together. However, there are some other guys from KL came down to Mauritania so they took up my room. So I have been placed in PC7 together with a housemate, Intan. PC7 has 4 mini houses, and each house has 2 rooms.

View at PC1. If you can notice that is just 1/3 of the house. And it has big compound for us to hold any event. In this pic, we had Iftar with the Orphans here in Mauritania.

My room sweet room at PC7. Love the blanket!

The master bedroom is spacious, with tv and bathtub and the second room is just nice for me. Though I don’t have a tv inside my room and no bathtub, I think that’s way better than living in a very big room in PC1, all alone! There is kitchen in every house, for us to cook. We have living room with good plasma tv and comfy couch. We have a study room with the house telephone, which is dedicated for us to call our parents, loved ones etc. Each house has its own guards. They work 24 hours and they will keep us protected. We don’t do our chores here. There’s a cleaner who does our laundry, dishes and make our bed. And we have chauffeur that will take us anywhere we want. We also received a local SIM card and the company takes care of the bill. *bliss*

It’s pretty lavish to live here actually. We have no reason not to perform our task throughout this assignment period. All that is lack here is a cook. Well, that’s not really a big deal since majority of the restaurants here serve halal food. Most of the restaurants serve French cuisines, western food. I’ve been to one restaurant that serves fried rice, close to our local fried race except it costs RM24. They all use basmati here so it’s really healthy and filling! Rice is expensive, around RM20 per 5kg sack. The rest of the food are just similar to the price in KL, perhaps cheaper coz meat are very cheap.

Based on words, this country is starting to develop now, where they have more traffic lights system and they clean up the garbage on the roadsides. I can pretty much imagine of the condition here in the last 2 years. This country has NO drainage system at all. It doesn’t rain that much, and the average for the rain is 4 times a year. But since I arrived, it’s been raining every night for the past 3 nights. And since there is no drainage system, most of the places here are flooded with rain and mud. It’s not really good scenery and it stinks. It makes it even sad to see the local houses are flooded with mud.

On the left is our house. And seeing them living in stinky mud is just heartbreaking..

Inflation rates are very high coz this country does not generate their own income. They have mining industries somewhere up north in Nouadibhou, and they import other things into the country. They have started to have their own water pipeline and that is expected to ease the inflation rates. Water is a major problem in any African country. We are not allowed to drink or cook using their tap water. We must use the mineral water supplied by the company. The water that we use for bathing smells but luckily it is still colorless. I’m starting to have zits on my face and body now, as expected.

Security is the biggest threat for us here, especially the Americans and French. I will have a separate post for security. Nevertheless, we are very much protected here as long as we stick to the company’s rules and regulations. We have a dedicated driver and a dedicated guard to protect us at all time. Bodyguard je belum ada :p

Guess that is just nice for a new post. I have more updates to share. Put up with me folks…


Thursday, September 2, 2010


Phew. What a long deep silence for this blog. A lot of things, unforeseen, unfortunate events occurred to me. But hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger aite? That’s why I am still alive! AND, a lot of new experiences gained too. Life is just wonderful to have sad and good things happening all at once. At least the latter helps to mend broken hearts. As for me, I’ve got another opportunity to visit another country! Wow, this year really is a travelling year for me. PAID VACATION!

I had a 10 hours stop in Paris, France. I was on my way from KL to Mauritania and there are only 2 routes to get there. 1st is thru Paris and the second is thru Dubai. Would probably try the second route next time! It was a short stop but it was good enough for me as I got to finally see the Eiffel Tower (or Tour Eiffel as they called). We landed in Charles de Gaulle Airport early in the morning and since it’s a long transit stop, we are entitled for a room. So I and another 2 colleagues went to check in at Sheraton Hotel. The rate was 220 Euro for a twin sharing room. Yeah, I shared my room with Sam (a Chinese guy) since we were only using it to put our hand carried items and to have showers. *Jimat duit untuk company ok?* lol

We then took the train down to Paris. We made our stop at the Saint Michele station as it is where the Notre Dame is located. We had our first historical visit in Paris by walking around the Notre Dame area. No, we didn’t go inside coz the queue was quite long and I don’t think I have any business to do inside the church anyway. Enough of sightseeing and we had our breakfast at the local coffee shop. A hot cup of coffee and a fresh soft croissant in the cold breezy Paris was just pleasant. Oh, the weather was somewhere close to 10 deg C on that day and silly me, I forgot to check the weather forecast and ended up having just my normal sweater. The wind was strong and it was really cold! Note to self, though it’s still summer (end of summer actually), never expect every country to have the same weather like London!

Since the most attraction of Paris is to visit the Eiffel Tower, we decided to take the open tour which is similar to our KL Hop On Hop Off bus tour. The price for a day ticket is 29 Euro! And we only managed to take 1 route that took almost 2 ½ hours! What a waste of money. Note to travelers, you really need at least a day to complete the tour. And the route that we took was mainly for the Paris Grand Tour, where it took us to Paris’ main attraction, the Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Musee du Louvre (The Pyramid), Printemps and many more. There are few other routes that will take travelers to other places including the Hard Rock Café which I didn’t have time to go! I’ll drop by again one day for this one.

I must be frank that I’m not a big fan of history. Hey I don’t even know that the La Pyramide was THE pyramid in the Da Vincci Code, at least not until my friend commented on the picture I posted in my facebook. Haha. Yes, I’m very bad in history and I just don’t have the adrenaline for it. They have explanation on each place in English but on that day itself, I was feeling really drowsy as I had minor cold that morning. I was just thinking of taking a picture in front of Eiffel Tower and that’s it. That remarks my footprints in Paris! *teruk betul budak ni kan? ;p*

We passed through the Lafayette, the ever famous shopping mall! But no, I didn’t do any shopping this time. I wasn’t even thinking of anything to buy. Miracle isn’t it? My mind was just not focusing on the place where I was standing at. I was thinking more of my next few months of stays in Africa. I was worried of the country’s political instability. And I think I’ve been spending a lot for my preparation that I don’t even have any feelings for anything left.

Anyway, it was a good experience for me again and another country visited. I’ve expanded my Eurotrip! Since I’m currently located not so far from Europe, I will plan for more Eurotrip, to Spain or Italy perhaps. And I do wish to go back to Copenhagen and see it from a different view. Note to sis Adie! ;p


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dark and Twisted

Pelik. A very strange feeling. Sangat tak sedap hati. Why? What? Who? Crap! Can't continue having this feelings. Its killing me. Can't focus on the training. Absorption rate is way below the line. It can kill my career.

Fatigue. Sleepless nights. Weight loss despite having good appetite. They all lead to THAT thing. I don't want that now. Urgh! Another hyper-thingy sickness. Benci.

Friday, April 30, 2010

My Volcanic Journal - London

When I first received my travel itinerary, I noted that I will be going back via London. LONDON! That strikes me an idea instantly! It was never in my plan to go to London this year, though I’ve always wanted to leave my footprints there. The closest that I’ve been to in that continent is Denmark, a bit of Germany and a bit of Sweden. I feel like expanding my Euro Trip this time and I asked for permission from my team leader to have an extended transit in London. It was approved at first but it got denied by the GM’s secretary since they do not support any “diversion” in business traveling. I totally understood and agreed with the business policy and informed my team leader accordingly. To my surprise, he personally went to see the GM *well he’s kinda close with the GM anyway* and GM granted my wish to go to London!! Weehooo~~

So I made the changes and informed my sister’s friend that I will be going there and have 2 nights stay at their crib. Luckily I’m kinda close with all my sister’s friends and that saved me a lot on accommodation! *and they are scattered all over the places, you name it!!* Anyway, to continue from previous post…

On Saturday, we continued our journey to London via train and we went straight to Heathrow Airport to manage our flights back to KL.

Few facts that you have to know about our beloved MALAYSIAN HOSPITALITY airlines:

  • When we knew about the cancellation of our flights, we were not informed or booked for the next available flight automatically.
  • We have to call MAS reservation line to book for our flights again.
  • We were advised to call the country office (London) to get it sorted out but it was to no avail.
  • The London office was CLOSED on weekends, regardless of the emergency situation that we were facing at that time!
  • We then went to Heathrow with the hope that we can communicate directly with MAS Staff at the airport. Guess what? There was NO MAS staff stationed at the airport from Saturday until Tuesday! *not sure of Friday coz we were not there but I think they didn’t have any support staff there on Friday either*
  • We met the Heathrow staff who was taking care of the MAS counter. He obviously could not do anything except giving out numbers for us to call.
  • We had to call KLIA office and were put on the line for more than 30 minutes. I started to queue at no 27, and took almost an hour to get to number 6 before the line dropped!
  • I called them again and started back at no 26!! Bongok la kan!
  • When I managed to talk to the MAS staff @ KLIA office, I was told not to call the London office since all reservations were done in KLIA office. So okay, I managed to confirm our seats on the next available flight, which was scheduled on Wednesday. Note: my phone bill at the moment has exceeded RM1000 ya!! sheeeshhh
  • On Monday, we received an SMS from MAS informing that our flight to KL on Wednesday has been canceled. And then, we all went back to square one again to get another seat for the next available flight. For us traveling in business class, the next available seat they can offer was the following Monday! Holy smoke! Apa nak buat di London lama2?
  • So on Wednesday we went to the MAS counter at Heathrow again, that is when the NATS agreed to lift the restriction to fly through European airspace.
  • As expected, the airport was swamped with stranded travelers, queuing as long as it takes to get out of UK, including us. We queued for more than 2 hours before we can speak to the Heathrow staff. Heathrow staff! Not MAS staff!!
  • The Heathrow staff briefed us that she can only take our reservation number and contact details and she will pass it to the London office for the flight arrangement. AND she also informed us that the KLIA office number is NOT usable and we SHOULD HAVE contacted the London office instead! WTF?
  • I could see my boss lost his patience at that point of time. We were told to call this and that number but none was usable and helpful. It was very disappointing at that time to see our own airlines failed to handle such chaos.
  • After being forced by the crowd, or shall I rephrase… After being scolded by the tired stranded travelers, the MAS staffs finally showed up! Together with its Country Manager, who looked totally blur and acted like nothing massive is happening!! And it’s a mat salleh btw.. what a waste of money to have that kind of person sitting for that position!
  • Anyway, we managed to secure our seats back to KL on Wednesday night itself, though it was only the economy seat. My big boss however was luckier to get a seat in the business class on Thursday flight, all thanks to his Gold Club member or whatever the name is.
  • The 11 hours journey on economy was really a painful one! I always have back problem and sitting there for hours nearly killed me! *ok saya over!* But my big boss told me there were empty seats on business during his flight!! BODOH PUNYA MAS!!!!!!!! *ha kali ni betul2 marah..selama2 kena queue apa tu berjaya sabar lagi.. cisssssssssssssssss*

Okay.. enough on rants. Let’s move on to the happiest part of all! My main mission going to London was just one.. SHOPPING!! Though it was NEVER in my plan to go to London, *let alone shopping!!*, but considering the fact that it’s kinda like one of the lifetime opportunity for me to have a PAID vacation, I spent like there’s no good malls in Malaysia!! Seriously I did not even bother to go for city tour in London! I don’t bloody care about London Bridge, or London Eye and heck, I don’t even know about Big Ben! Haha. Yeah, I hate history and geography. Period. ;p

So on Saturday my sister’s friend fetched me at the Paddington Station *oh yeah, Paddington Bears tuh mmg datang dari Paddington tuh rupanya!*. We went to the Westfield Mall for cuci mata session. Ala2 kick-start gitu kan~ and headed back to Kak Ina’s crib. The next day Kak Ina and hubby decided to bring me to the Clarks Outlet where I bought 4 pairs of shoes!! *hampir pengsan test kasut ya.. serious rambang mata!!* They then took me to the Oxford Street for the ULTIMATE shopping spree! Oh my, I almost lost my sense of logic especially when she took me to Primark. The clothes were so damn cheap BUT with good quality. I bought few pairs of dresses, mainly for work purposes. The highest amount that I paid was just 15 pound. *RM75 for a dress???? NO WAY JOSE!* see, I’m kinda screaming here! Hahaha

Anyway, the rest of the day was mainly filled with shopping. Football merchandises are crazily cheap there. Bought few Man Utd official merchandises for my darlings, cosmetics and fragrances. Oh not to forget, my brand new PINK handbag too! Haha. Since I was stranded for a couple of days more in London, I decided to have a city tour! FINALLY! Luckily I have another friend who is residing in London and she was available on Tuesday to take me out. We walked more than 10km around Central London and I got to see different side of London *other than shopping that is!* Cantik~~

All in all, I am COMPLETELY satisfied and more than happy to be stranded in London. Despite having emotional sickness during the first few days, I can conclude that it was all worth it. The experience, the knowledge, the stuffs that I bought.. and I got to meet my long lost friend too. I’m still thankful to be given this opportunity together with good health. I had nose bled throughout my 10 days stay in UK but it was nothing serious. The weather was just a bit too chilly for me.

Thanks for all the prayers during my stranded days in UK. It was not really a good moment at the beginning but to get back to my home, safe and sound is just the perfect ending for this chapter of my life. I’m happy and blessed to be given the opportunity to visit another beautiful countries. A total blessings in disguise… Mari pergi London lagi ye~~!!


Monday, April 26, 2010

My Volcanic Journal - Edinburgh

"Athens of the North', the capital city of Scotland was more happening and lively compared to Aberdeen. The weather was pleasantly warm and the sun shined so bright that day as if it was welcoming the 4 stranded tourists to explore the town. We first went to the train station to get our ticket sorted out and confirmed our seats on the next day's train. Once done, we went to the tourist information center to get assistance on the hotel. I left it to the big boss to decide and made the bookings while I spent the few minutes at the center browsing thru the souvenirs. Oh yeah, I didn't manage to get any souvenir in Aberdeen since I couldn't find the souvenir shop. We planned to get some memorable Aberdeen's stuff at the airport, which eventually was closed due to the volcanic ash eruption. *sigh..

We checked in to the Parliament House Hotel and left our luggage at the concierge since we were early and the rooms were not ready. We decided to take a walk down to the city center and Edinburgh is just so beautiful and breathtaking. We climbed a few hills up to enjoy the excellent natural vantage points and it was just the perfect panorama for photography. I truly savor the moments I had in Edinburgh and was thankful to be given the opportunity to be stranded there, even just for a day!

We walked quite a distance, which I think we've covered 2/3 of the city by foot! From 1 castle to another that I couldn't even remember of its name. I was too occupied enjoying the breeze, the sun and taking pictures. Though I consider myself as a bad photographer, I just felt happy to be able to capture the different scenes and moments I had in my life. Oh, my team leader, which is a Trinidadian was busy instructing me to strike different pose and he was my photographer too! Seriously, the trip was not just an eye opener for me, but it was a great opportunity to build strong rapport with my bosses. I was just less than 2 weeks working for that department, FYI, when I was requested to join them for the meeting! \o/

Being in Edinburgh was never in our plan, hence I had to carefully manage my spending. The big boss wanted to visit the Edinburgh Castle, the main tourist attraction in Edinburgh. And to my surprise, he paid for my ticket and I was deeply touched and almost hugged him to say thanks? Haha. I called him daddy since that moment coz he was such a good daddy to me throughout the trip! He helped me with the luggage when we had to take the stairs, he paid for some of my meals, the entry ticket to the castle, etc. *Terharu!!! Mana nak cari boss baik camni???*

Anyhow, Edinburgh Castle was spectacular, and the view was amazingly beautiful! It actually sits on top of a volcano! The castle was huge and I didn't even manage to cover the whole castle as I was too tired to continue the climb! The castle has various magnificent panoramas in every direction of the castle. I increased my knowledge in Scots history from the short trip I had around the castle too.

A very memorable journey in Edinburgh........ =) Highly recommended!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Volcanic Journal - Aberdeen

So I boarded the MH016 flight from KLIA to Amsterdam on Monday night. I was on a business trip to Aberdeen with my 2 bosses. We safely arrived Schipol Airport and had to check in for our connecting flight to Aberdeen. The security at Schipol was rather strict. I was asked to remove every metal on me including my belt. I witnessed a lady who was asked to take off her boots, was thoroughly checked by the security up to her breast. It looked like she was being examined for breast cancer! I salute their security system, though it could be a pain in the ass to those who were checked inside out!

I didn't have much time to shop for souvenirs at Amsterdam. We were basically there to check in to the KLM airlines and walked (almost run) to our departure gate. I remembered clearly when my sister advised me of the same situation she had when she was there, with a stroller! Journey to Aberdeen was fine. We had fresh strawberry with raspberry sauce for our breakfast. It was so fresh and tasted differently from our local strawberry. Must be the weather! ;P

We safely touched down at Aberdeen Airport on Tuesday morning and the wind was quite strong. I was in my sweater with only a layer of clothe wrapping me, so you can figure out how shivering I was at that time. I had my big bulky thick winter jacket in my luggage but I thought I was doing okay for not wearing it. We went to our hotel, which had a road construction along the street and taxis had to drop us off quite a distance from the entrance. Aberdeen is known as the Granite City, meaning it is full with granites, from the building down to their roads. Imagine I had to carry my luggage on the granite road where I had few hurdles and damn, it was difficult to walk and drag your luggage on the granites! I totally hate them! It hurts my feet...

Nevertheless, I started my journey in the Granite City later that day. It was a gloomy city. All building are made of granite and they are all in gray. The shape of the buildings are all the same and it was just not an exciting city to be at. The weather was awfully cold with temperature ranged from as low as 1 degree C to 8 degree C the highest. I was heavier by few pounds from 3 layers of clothes, gloves, hat and muffler.

We had our 2 days meeting with one of our partners there. On Thursday morning, when we were having breakfast, my boss told me the airport was closed due to volcanic ash. I thought he was joking as we were supposed to fly to London the next morning. Checked the BBC and the whole team panicked and started calling the airlines to see if we can still take the flight to London. All of us were scheduled to go to London and 2 of them were supposed to depart to KL in the afternoon. I took an extended transit in London and was scheduled to return home on Sunday night.

Later that night we were informed that our flight has been canceled and we immediately booked ourselves the first class ticket on EuroStar train to go to London. To our surprise, the train system in Europe works differently from ours. We had to purchase the ticket and make the seat reservation separately! So, we ended up having the first class standing ticket for our 7 hours journey to London! Fret not, we did not stand up that long. We temporarily took the seats that were reserved for travelers in Edinburgh and we decided to stop at Edinburgh and had a night there. We settled our ticket and managed to secure our seats to continue our journey to London the next day. The train station in both Aberdeen and Edinburgh were full with people who were trying to get themselves out from Scotland. It was chaotic and I for once felt so scared of the situation that might be worse in the next few days...