Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve

Yeah some people might be saying “why Malays are more enticed to commemorate Christmas nowadays?” My Facebook page was swamped with few rants and some even questioned of the Islamic culture that people are adapting today. I choose to reserve my thoughts to myself but yeah we did have a little celebration on the Christmas Eve.

No, don’t get me wrong. We didn’t have turkey on the table or even wished for any presents from Santa. Despite the fact that I would really love to see the reindeer coming and Santa goes down thru the chimney (oh, we don’t have any chimney but heck).

I was invited by my dear Aliza to join her and the girlfriends for a night out at Sunway Lagoon. In conjunction with Christmas and New Year, Sunway Lagoon is now operating at night and the admission to the “Nite Park” is free! We went there after office hour and as expected, we were trapped in massive traffic for almost an hour! Thanks to my natural instinct GPS which obviously did not work that well in that area. I totally forgot to bring the GPS along and I’m so not familiar with Sunway district.

Nevertheless, we did not allow the traffic to ruin our happy mood that night since we both were in need of good fun and nice gediks pictures! We joined the rest of the girls (total 6 of us) and that was my first time hanging out with them, which I think I did quite well in blending myself into the crowd. At least, that’s what Aliza said. We took pictures, a lot of them and the other girls enjoyed themselves with the rides. Since me and Aliza have been there before, we were not that thrilled with the rides, probably because we have to pay for each ride we take? *sigh*

We were later joined by my friend, Zeara who came with her girlfriend. We snapped few pictures and decided to have our late dinner since everybody was starving to death! Zeara excused herself and we went to Sunway Pyramid looking for available food stores. Lucky enough we managed to be the super last customers at O’Brien. We had our healthy meals in the dark since most of the shops were already closed.

The fun did not end there. We then made our way to the Amp Square to have our karaoke session. We were down to only 4 as the other 2 were not doing that good to have a super late night. We stayed until 4am that night just to fully utilize the time and of course the money that we had to fork out! That was quite long hours for us to spend time singing (from 11pm to 4am!) and with my throat condition that was still halfway healing, I couldn’t make full use of the time to be the karaoke queen! I sang my heart out till my throat simply gave up. It dried and I was pretty much afraid of bleeding (time nyanyi tarik suara tak takut bleeding pulak ye!).

Queen of the night was As, who has a great voice. Why am I always surrounded with good voices? Back in UTP, I always have Skin who can simply wow the audience with her voice. And on that night alone, As stole the limelight with her singing. (Hah, nada jeles la tu?!) Naah, I’m so proud of these people and I frankly think they should just give up with 8-5 job and try their luck in singing. Better bucks I supposed?

Anyway, me and Aliza finally made our way home around 5am. I was so tired and immediately snuggled myself under the blanket. I left Aliza alone, waiting for Subuh prayers. All in all, it’s one of the good nights to end 2009. We had fun and lots of gediks pictures to cherish. Thanks Aliza for asking me out. We should spend more time together in 2010!!


Don't miss this fun exciting moment! The decoration and lanterns are just wonderful!

Me & Aliza

Me & the girls

When Zeara joined us

Sangap? Ye kot! Parking lot pun jadi "interesting" place

Let alone this one! Haha


Monday, December 28, 2009

THE surgery

Wow. It’s been a while since I last expressed myself in this blog. Lots of happening moments I faced in the past 1 month. I will try to post everything here before the year 2009 closes its curtain, which simply means I will blog nonstop from the office? Ooppsie~

Okay. Let’s start with something memorable yet so painful experience. On the 9th of December, I was admitted to Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC) for having my sinusitis and tonsillitis surgery. That was the 3rd surgery of my life, after the previous 2 surgeries done during the dreadful car accident. The only difference for this surgery was that I had to take the general anesthetic (GA) and of all the things and consequences, I was totally afraid of the GA! I was thinking what would happen if I suddenly woke up in the middle of operation OR worst case if I couldn’t even wake up at all? Or maybe I woke up in heaven or as a bird? That really kept me thinking all week long before I finally said YES and signed the consent form. Luckily the doctor was nice and kind and so were the nurses. Pheww~

So the day came. My mom was besides me all the time and when I checked myself in at the hospital, I simply felt like I’m in the hotel! The hospital is simply marvelous. The service was over the top! The nurses were so kind and cute too (no I’m not homo). I was briefed of the procedure that was going to take place and I couldn’t even digest them in. All I kept asking was the details of the GA. I wasn’t even bothered to ask what would happen AFTER the surgery and how the pain level or whatnot was. I was then given a sleeping pill to keep myself calm, as the doctor said I might chickened out in the OT and run away! But then I was so sleepy that day and I fell asleep before the pill had its effect on me.

The surgery was supposed to be at 1pm, but I was half conscious when they took me to the OT at around 2pm. I saw my doctor and I just waved at him. I felt myself being brought over to the operation table (what’s that called? I have no idea!) And saw lots of people there too. I couldn’t think of anything and I guess I was totally unconscious before they could even put me under the real GA. (yeah, I’m a bed dweller, regardless of the location!)

Once I woke up, I realized I was in my room and heard mom and sis were talking to the nurses asking about my condition. First thing I asked was water as I felt my throat was very dry. The nurse was a bit hesitated to give me a drink since I had just wake up but eventually she gave me a sip. After a few seconds, I felt the urge of throwing up and it got a little bit hectic in the room when I actually throw up a pint of blood (ok that sounds a bit too much hehe). The nurse then told me the effect of GA was still there and I can’t consume ANYTHING til the GA subsided. I went back to sleep for another 2 hours before I vomited blood again. I felt like crying for once but then I guess I was too tired and sleepy to shed any tears.

It was midnight when I tried to eat but the nurse was too afraid of me vomiting blood again. So I had to depend on the drip that was supposed to give me energy. My sis decided to sleep over at the hospital since my condition was pretty bad (yeah mom was pretty freaked out to see me vomiting blood, twice). I couldn’t sleep well that night since the nurses kept coming and checked on my condition, BP, temperature, antibiotics, etc. I was having a mild fever and that was not really a good situation. I was given ice cubes to swallow to avoid further bleeding.

On the second day, the condition gets better and I can consume cold diet that was simply tasteless. Heck, hospital food okey, what was I thinking? Huhu. Doctor was asking if I would like to be discharged on that day itself or stay for another night for observation. Since I still had my fever and the pain was simply unbearable, I chose to stay for another night. I know if I were to go home, that would make Mak a superwoman to take care of me and Sara. And with all the blood coming out from the nose and throat, I don’t want to worry her more. I then slept alone on that 2nd night since I felt a bit better and I knew I was in good hands (the nurses).

Few friends did visit me and brought me a tub of Haagen Dazs!! Oh I’m so thankful to have you around me girls. My team was also there together with my boss, who at first asked the nurse to tell me to put my scarf on! Haha. Sorry boss but I didn’t even bring any to the hospital! Lucky me, I have such a good supportive and understanding team. Thanks to all of you and thanks for the flowers and fruits!

I was discharged on Friday (the 3rd day) and was brought home by my bro in law and maktok. Had to stay indoor for 1 week before I can go out shopping! Yes, we brought maktok for a shopping treat before she left KL and I was still slightly bleeding at that time. There was a moment where I bled excessively and I felt like I was about to faint to see the whole bathroom covered with blood. That happened when I had excessive pressure (thanks to crying, duh!) and it pushed the blood clot out. I was rushed to the emergency and doctor helped to clean it for me with his remarks “this is the first time I encounter this”. Ops, sorry doc. But I was lucky as the artery did not break. That was my doctor’s major concern.

It’s been almost 3 weeks now but I’m still swallowing blood clot! My throat is okay now and I can eat what I want without the needs to depend on pain killer anymore. It all started last Thursday when I started to consume colostrum milk to speed up the recovery process. As many would know, it helps to regenerate cells and within 2 days, I was able to finish a full plate of chicken rice! FYI, I’ve lost 3-4 kg since I had the surgery simply because I cannot eat solid, hot and spicy food. I even cried coz I was too hungry but I couldn’t even swallow them! I love food and I enjoyed eating so that really really breaks my heart. Uhuk!

But hey, I’m recovering tremendously now! Thanks to all the drugs and medications and of course the colostrum milk! I simply love it! Thanks to a friend who helped me with a FREE can! Now I’m able to eat almost everything, and I’m so craving for Prosperity!! I think I’ll be having sumptuous food back again in the next 2 weeks. Hopefully!

I will be having another check up tomorrow to get rid of the blood clot. And I’m so looking forward for more good news. I’m dying for thai food now. (Eh banyaknye food wish list!) Bottom line, I feel great now. I don’t have to depend on any flu medication anymore and I can breathe thru these 2 nostrils!! Previously, I had to take 1 tablet of Actifed (the sleepy flu pills) and a puff of nasal spray before bed. And then I took 2 tablets of Clarityne (the non sleepy flu pills) in the morning. And I had to breathe either thru 1 nostril as it was all time blocked or thru mouth. That's what we called chronic sinusitis.

I’m so thankful with the success of the surgery and many thanks to those who had their prayers and wishes for me. Even though it was quite painful but I guess it’s all worth it. Though I’m not paying for the RM20k bills! Thanks to my company! Wooohoo~ ok enjoy the pics now.

Had my blood taken but it was after the third attempt as the blood did not flow. Takut sangat sampai darahku beku? Hmm

Gamba syok sendiri pre-surgery

Gamba tak berapa syok post-surgery. That gauze was to collect blood since the doctor used the latest technology and I did not have any packs inside my nose (if you know what I'm talking about)

To any of you who would like to have this surgery or if you wanna know more, don't hesitate to ask me.