Saturday, November 21, 2009


I'm about to transform this page into an online shopping blog! Went to Saigon last weekend for another shopping spree! Since this was my second time there, I kinda know what to look for and make full use of the time. SO, as not to disappoint any of my friends here, I'm selling some of the stuff I bought. I used to buy those Vietnam stuffs from a colleague before this, and now that I can go there on my own, I'm thinking of doing a side business!

For a start, I will use this blog, while I prepare myself for the next BIG step. I'm selling these nice embroidered Telekung, which is of good quality! This telekung is a bit expensive compared to the one I bought last year as the cloth is thicker and the embroidery are very pretty and plentiful! Take a look at these "amateur" shots..... hehe

Me, being a fussy person, I will always take a look at the face part. This one has full coverage of your chin and the forehead is very simple without those annoying-crumple.

Beautiful embroidery
Complete set with embroidery on the kain as well.

Sweet Pink
Gorgeous Green
Mix Pink & Baby Blue
Light Pink - Peachy
Pinkish Red
Light Brown
Dark & Light Purple (This is mine!)

Some are already booked, and I will take orders as I will be going there again sometime next month. If you are interested, do leave me a message @

Special discount for those who buy more than 1 piece! Oh, I haven't really think of posting it!
I have some other items such as tissue box cover made of Vietnam famous embroidery but it does not look good in the picture by using my old skool camera. I will try to use the "canggih" camera next time!

Beli jangan tak beli. I really love this telekung compared to the Indonesia made as it's very thick and I dont have to worry about the "jarang"ness hehe. Though it's a bit pricey, the quality will make every single cent worth! I've been using one for 3 years now and it still look new! Sempena Raya Haji ni, silelah beli~ Sesuai jugak untuk buat hantaran kawin2 bulan 12 ni kan? =)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Salon Spy

Gosh I have so many stories to tell but the time and the laziness in me is just not helping! Anyway, to keep this blog moving I'm sharing my great experience had last weekend.Went to new salon at Giant Kota Damansara for new haircut. Apparently my hair is a total mess! Since I had a bob cut last few months back in Setapak, never had I get it trimmed or treated. So I went to this salon, the one and only in Giant, Hair-Doo.

I was attended by Terence, which I think is a senior stylist. He's such a bubbly, warm and simply makes me feel at ease and comfort. While having his fingers run thru my hair, he couldnt stop babbling about his work history and how he had come a long way to be at his current position now. Quite informative for a first-timer huh? Anyway, I love this guy coz he is such a fussy person and me being fussy too, I know my hair is in good hands.

I took the cut+color+treatment package for medium length and that costs me RM149. For the treatment, I need to top up another RM40 for the product. I am very pleased with the result! They even have a customer information booklet, which I had never come across at other Salon. Terence said it is extremely important for them to keep customers' detail (they even have birth date column, another birthday treat perhaps??) as their main objective is to retain as many customers as possible. Oh I'm so in love with this salon! Extremely recommended!

The result!! Ok peeps, prepare yourself for my gedik post.. haha.. I dont have a decent pre-cut picture.

The pic is big coz of the intention to SHOW OFF my new hair color yang tak berapa nak nampak's a mixture of 3 colors which I'm not really sure.. :P (tak suke, sile abaikan..)

Some said the cut adds more volume to my appearance. True? No? Whatever it is, I'm so satisfied with the service. Worth every cent..

Next on the mission list is to keep it more than shoulder length, and see if my face can suit a bit of curl effect?

Salon: Hair-Doo
Location: Giant Kota Damansara (they have another branch in IOI Mall Puchong)
Prices: Cut + Wash from RM40 / color from RM120 / treatment from RM120 (If I'm not mistaken!)