Sunday, October 4, 2009


No, it's not that I'm fragile (though I really am). I wont be blogging about those sad unhappy feelings anymore. It's time to do something new to this blog.

I recently went to Miri for a short training course. Usually when I check my luggage in, I will request the staff to put it as fragile. One of the reason is because those fragile item will be handled first, i.e. i will get to take my luggage first on the conveyor belt!

Unfortunately for me this time, I forgot to ask the staff to tag it as fragile item. When I reached the airport, I discovered the handle of my luggage was damaged! I couldnt pull it up and after several attempts, I managed to pull the handle 1/3 up from its total length. Imagine how I dragged my luggage with that 1/3 height?

I examined my luggage and being an engineer (puke! puke!) I tried to figure out what went wrong with the system. I discovered the problem at the part where the handle was located, as if it had been hammered. Potentially, it was hit by something that was really hard during the flight or simply mishandled.

I wanted to lodge a report and get them replace my luggage but for unknown reason, I walked out of the airport with empty mind. I'll take it as it is time for me to get a new bag! And yes I did buy a new luggage bag at KLIA :P

So, my advise to travellers, if you think your luggage is not that durable to withstand all those harsh handling i.e. throwing, kicking or even long hours journey, get the fragile tag placed on your luggage. Yes the staff can be quite pain in the ass sometimes when you request for fragile tag, but feel free to share my experience with them. Better be safe than sorry~!