Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PPSMI.. Yes? No? Dont know?

I celebrated the end of my mother’s journey as a teacher last weekend. She has been teaching for more than 30 years of her life with her main experts in Science. She was with the secondary syllabus for more than half of her career life before switching to primary school, after the implementation of “guru siswazah” or graduate teacher thingy few years back.

When I spent the weekend with her, we discussed lots of sensational issue and the PPSMI issue is among them. Mom put me in the picture when she explained the difficulties faced by both teachers and students when the program was launched and the effectiveness of the program. I always know mom has no problem to teach in English as she had her education in English and she herself used to teach English during the first few years of her career.

She highlighted that not many or perhaps not all teachers can teach Science and Maths in English, especially the newly graduated ones. Why? Coz their foundation is weak! They may be good in science or maths but they cannot converse fluent English. How can these so called teachers explain to their students in depth? This will then resulted them teaching in Malay or using bahasa rojak when they can’t find the right words to answer the students, and some are very smart students. Hence, the program will not be successful!

Mom told me that PPSMI is not the best way to help students to improve their English. For instance, Maths will involve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and there’s no grammar involved. They are mostly numbers and students can excel in that subject regardless of the language. The only way to help them to improve and enhance their communication skills and confidence level is by brushing up the English subject itself.

I was again surprised to know that the English syllabus is taught differently from what we learnt in our primary and secondary years. Most of the students do not even know what is Past Tense, Present Tense, Future Tense, Past Continuous etc. I’m not so sure though what are they learning in school now.

Mom pointed some key points that I totally agree with when it comes to helping students to improve their English.

1. Change the syllabus and bring back the Past Tense and its friends and students have to master that.
2. Emphasize more on simple grammar i.e. is, are, am (yes, we have engineers who are still confused with basic grammar)
3. Include English literature in the subject and it has to be a must pass subject.
4. Extend English subject hour to allow more interactions and conversations in English.

Then the rest will come easily for the students to master. Unlike me, I’m very weak in my vocab as I don’t like to read. :P When TPM announced to revert back to conventional method, mom said he emphasized more on the learning of point no1 stated above, which is a good thing!

p/s: I still remember we used to have “English Week” during primary school and we were all excited to speak in English in our very own way. Macam itik cakap dengan ayam gitu!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

3rd death.. and we are still plain ignorant?

Everyone KNOWS of the unstoppable Swiney but how many are really aware of this? I’m quite taken aback to see some of our “rakyat” are not taking this matter seriously, let alone the government. Everyday we read in the news about the increasing number of positive swiney and recently we’ve been shaken with the number of fatality. From one it went up to 2 and now three!

I went to KLIA last Friday with the recent news of a young Indonesian who was swiney to death. Me being super paranoid of this stuff immediately bought myself 2 pieces of face mask and had it on my face. Never had I imagined I would draw full attention of the crowd at KL Sentral when I took the ERL to KLIA. I once felt like I’m a superstar gitu~ (haha).

I was never bothered of the attention given by the crowd until I was in KLIA and rushing to my departure gate. At first I did not notice or hear anybody was talking to me until I heard this conversation:

Man A: Tak bleh nak cakap dengan die.. Die tutup mulut..
Man B: Die takde gigi kot.. (all other men burst into laughter)
Man C: H1N1 punye kes la ni..
Man D: Ala, domestic takde pape la..

Me: Haih, kalau nak mati kat mana-mana pun tak kira la domestic ke international ke..

I was pissed when I heard them joked about ME wearing a mask as a self precaution against ANY kind of influenza, be it human or pig! I don’t mind if they are plain ignorant but does it hurt their feelings to see me wearing a mask? Mind you, they are in late 20’s or early 30’s and none are having this sense of awareness? Stupid? Of course they are!

I was thunderstruck when there was NO health screening facilities installed at ANY of the gates in KLIA. I was informed by a friend who recently visited Miri that there’s no more health check up conducted at Miri Airport like the one they had 2 months ago. Why of this sudden stop? It’s not that swiney is fully cured or stoppable! Why???

If the government is not taking the necessary precautions to prevent this pandemic, who will take care of our health then? We, right? And when WE take care of our own health, do others have to condemn and make stupid irritating remarks?

Stay vigilant. Be resilient.

Don’t be a pathetic moron.

Gadis penulis termenung... salah ke aku pakai mask?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Glory-glory Malaysia

It’s been years since I last watched a football match, be it live at the stadium or on TV. I think the last match I watched was during the semi finals of World Cup 2006. I didn’t even make it for the final as I have already started working at that time, and there’s no way I could stay up awake and go to work the next morning.

I used to be a diehard fan of the Red Devils when I was in secondary and doing my degree. Ryan Giggs has always been my favorite player, and coincidently he’s wearing the number of my birth date. Before that I always admire Eric Cantona and I still have his poster used as a wrapper of my “buku sifir”. Hehe. No no I never like David Beckham! Ooppss~

It was never in my plan to go and watch them live when I first heard about their Asia Tour. Considering I’m no longer a big fan of the team, I don’t really care much of their news and what about. Then came my colleague, Intiran who kept on telling me about all this MU updates and there will be time when we came to me with his sad pathetic look and said “Hani, I’m stressed!” And me being a very good friend (ehek) put down my pen and stopped my work trying to be a good listener. “Why? What happened? Is everything okay?”

“Ronaldo is leaving Man U.. shit la that guy bla bla bla” he said. I was speechless at first and shouted at him for making me feel sorry for that! Damn! These guys are so obsessed with Man U! When we were on the rig, it’s like everyday news that they have to check. When the internet was down, he will be crazy trying to get the connection back and of course, I would be the one to listen to all his “sad” stories, new players bought ant whatnot. Yikes!

2 weeks ago he and Hakam were looking for tickets to watch MU live in Bukit Jalil. I saw an advert at my friend’s YM selling off some tickets. I broke the news to them and they got all excited about it. I was the middle person for the transaction but it didn’t happen in the end as Hakam was not satisfied with the seating. He then called up all the ticket agents and confirmed on the tickets available for the match. Me on the other hand was thinking and contemplating of joining them. Looking at my schedule, I should be free on that weekend. I then agreed to tag along rather than staying alone at home, as my dear housemate Aliza would definitely be going!

Came yesterday, we met up at KLCC for our lunch. We then decided to take the train to the stadium and when we arrived at Masjid Jamek, it was swamped with Red Devils! I only noticed 2 or 3 of them wearing Malaysian jersey. And as expected, the queue was tremendously long and luckily we managed to get my ticket ahead of them. Note to all, it’s either you top up your touch&go much much earlier OR you drive to the stadium. I forgot to reload my t&g and it was not something that you would want to end up with (read: long queuing!).

We arrived around 4pm and kick off was at 5.30pm. Intiran arrived much earlier and saved us our seats. We walked through the sea of Red Devils and settled ourselves in the stadium. It was my first time to be in Stadium Bukit Jalil and it was all covered with Red shirts and flags. Some even put on the red toupee and most of us are just wearing the team’s jersey. Lucky me, I got my jersey 2 hours before the match! Hakam has been looking for it for the past 1 week and couldn’t get the right size. Most of the XS and S sized ladies jersey were SOLD OUT! I then decided to put on the KIDS jersey and it fit nicely! Haha. Yeah, I always wear kids’ version when it comes to Nike or Adidas baby-t. :P Oh, zillion thanks to Hakam for the birthday gift! I loike loike loikeeeee~~!!

Hakam brought his bino along and we got to see the players clearly! Gosh, I don’t even recognize most of the players and I kept asking them who is who!

The match? AWESOME! I went there with the Red Devils’ spirit and prayed that Malaysia won’t be beaten to death! Haha. Hakam’s prophecy was 5-0 winning for Red Devils and I had mine with 6-0, just like previous years’. But then our prediction was all denied by Amri when he scored his first goal. The match gets more intense and lively when both were struggling to score more goals. Rooney, as expected contributed 1 out of 3 goals during the match. I somehow think Man U didn’t play their best and Van der Saar of course was not at his top performance, letting 2 goals from Amri to get through. I’m not saying Amri got it out of luck though. He has indeed performed very well and most of our young players did their best throughout the match. I can feel their high spirit until the end of the minute, unlike previous matches where they all played “sambil lewa” and gets demotivated when Man U keep scoring their goals. Salute to the defense, which I personally think had worked their ass off very very well. (Walaupun bolos 3 ketul). =p

Malaysian team was quite in a slow pace when it comes to attacking. We could have got more goals if they had fast counter attack kinda play and yes it was obvious that some are anxious when they had the one-to-one experience with Van der Saar. Perhaps they don’t know which way to kick the ball? But that was during the first half and it gets better when they got into the second half of the match.

I can’t believe I’m supporting Malaysian team now! Haha. Anyway, there will be another match this Monday at 8.45pm, which I will be going AGAIN! I will still put on my Man U jersey but will add little extra Malaysian accessories. Anyone else going? Come one people!! It’s one of a kind match not to be missed!

Jom jejoms~!!

Overly excited in the LRT... me & Hakam

Look out the crowd!! Kayalah LRT semalam... woohooo

Di tengah lautan maknosia!

Suke suke suke!!

Beli jangan tak beli bang..

The pancaragam..during opening..

Masih belum full..

Me, Hakam & Intiran yang berangan nak jadi model!


More and more pictures will be loaded soon!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sahabat, Kawan, Kenalan

Selalu sangat kite bercakap “this is my friend” but what does that “friend” refers to? Sahabat? Rakan? Teman? Kenalan? Pernah tak for once kite terfikir tentang wujudnya perkataan-perkataan ni dalam penggunaan bahasa kita?

Personally, I have my own definition of those words, which may be wrong to certain of you.

Sahabat adalah rakan yang mempunyai persefahaman tentang hubungan persahabatan. Which means, we understand and respect each other’s feelings and pride. Pernah dengar sahabat sejati? More to rakan karib lah kan. Time happy most of the time kita akan cerita pada sahabat dan juga rakan-rakan yang lain bukan? Silap haribulan dekat boss pun kita cerita. Tapi bila sedih, hanya sahabat yang kita cari. Time tu la kita akan cakap “kau lah sahabat sejati dunia akhirat”. Kenape?

Kawan adalah seseorang atau beberapa orang yang kita kenal dan kita senang meluangkan masa bersama. Kita berkawan dengan semua orang, tapi tak semua berjaya menjadi Sahabat kita. Kawan ada macam-macam jenis. Kawan sekolah, kawan serumah, kawan sepejabat, kawan sepermainan, kawan wayang.. sort of macam clan or clique lah. Most of the time kawan hanyalah untuk masa-masa gembira yang ada happy ending. Contohnya kawan PIPE aku hanya jumpa once in a while and kitorang akan habiskan masa main bowling dan tengok movie dan gossip. Tapi semua tu berakhir macam tu saje dan akan jumpa balik mungkin setahun selepas itu. Itulah kawan… yang penting happy ending kan?

Kenalan pada aku adalah manusia yang aku tau nama dan mungkin sedikit latar belakang orang tu. “Aku kenal dia”. Kenal la dia nama apa, keja mana, duduk mana.. etc.. Itu kenal. Tak de pernah meluangkan masa berkongsi dari hati ke hati pun. Very surface la kiranya.

Teman? Hehe. To me teman is simply my boyfriend a.k.a. teman lelaki. That does not need any definition here coz I’m sure all of you are fully aware of this, kan?

Apa kaitan sume ni dalam post kali ni? Takde apa, cuma nak luahkan perasaan yang terbuku ni ha. Orang kate, writing will help you to vein your anger. Kan? Aku dah beberapa kali tersalah define erti kawan nih. Most of the time aku akan anggap kawan adalah sahabat, iaitu orang yang harus aku jaga hati dan perasaan diorang dan sebagai seorang sahabat, aku akan sentiasa rasa kewajipan menolong sahabat-sahabat yang dalam kesusahan.

Tapi tu dulu lah. Sekarang aku akan anggap semua orang hanyalah KENALAN. Aku dah serik dengan dunia KAWAN-KAWAN nih dan aku sanggup tak berkawan semata-mata nak jaga hati dan perasaan sendiri. Yelah, kalau kawan yang kita sanjung tu tak reti jaga hati dan perasaan kita serta MARUAH kita, kenapa nak anggap dia kawan lagi? Baiklah aku tarik diri dan anggap aku yang TAK LAYAK untuk menjadi kawan atau sahabat dia. Betul kan? Cukuplah sekadar kita KENAL each other. I don’t bother to befriend you anymore.

Cukuplah kau sakitkan hati aku selama nih. I’ve given you a chance to prove me that you are my friend and I have forgiven you for the things you said to me last time. But I guess I can never be good enough or a good friend to you that you couldn’t even care of my feelings and my pride. I won’t say you never learn from your mistakes coz I know if I were a good friend to you, you won’t be doing this to me. So I’m taking the blame and I hope we will never talk to each other anymore. Anggaplah aku yang tak sudi berkawan dengan kau so you don’t have to feel sorry about this. And I too, won’t feel bad about this and won’t keep thinking of those why-who-which thingy that caused you doing this to me.

I found this while looking for definition of kawan in the net (tapi yang lain plak aku jumpe)… Feel free to fit yourself in those definitions…

kata mama...
KAWAN tu ibarat lebah,
habis madu sepah dibuang.......

kata papa...
KAWAN tu umpama bunga ros,
dipandang cantik dipegang sakit.....

kata atuk...
KAWAN tu seperti air
terus mengalir.....

kata nenek...
KAWAN tu bak bulan
dipuja dan disanjung tapi nun jauh di sana....

kate sedara...
KAWAN tu mcm makanan,
kawan makan kawan!!

kata abang...
KAWAN tu seperti lembu
mengikut saje ape dikata........

kata kakak...
KAWAN tu tak ubah macam durian
bau je busuk tapi sedap dimakan....

kata adik...
KAWAN tu macam biskut
sekejap ade sekejap takde.......

kata aku? Lu pikir la sniri! ops sorry nabil i curi tagline u.. hoho

p/s: I'm in very good, happy mood. Please don't ruin this. =)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Body Composition

I spent nearly 4 hours pampering myself at Aster Spring, KLCC yesterday. Started with upper back treatment which took nearly 1 1/2 hours followed with a new facial treatment called the oxygen treatment. Oxygen was used in preventing future breakouts and it was fun~

Once done with the treatments, I requested for a weight measurement. I noticed the weighing machine placed at the changing room for quite sometime but I never bother to use it. I thought it's only for weighing but little that I know it also measures my body composition. It's called the Body Composition Analyzer.

From there, I knew my BMI, which is still underweight (as expected). Both therapist and me were surprised with the body fat percentage!! I scored 23.4%, nearing the limit of 24%! Hoho! Orang kurus banyak lemak leads to high cholesterol! Ni blom buat med check up ye, confirm la cholesterol level mcm everest!

My water level was quite low as I hadnt drink much for that day. The impedance of my toxicity was way beyond the limit! I had 700++ when the limit is somewhere around 400, or 500 (cant remember). Hmm.. I always avoid going to sauna to get rid of the toxin and I have 2 packs of detox drinks which I seldom take. I guess I have to take it back now since the level is very high. Huhu. The therapist asked if I were stressed but I said no. I'm in very happy mood and I dont feel stress at all. Perhaps that explains the back acne that I'm having at the moment.

Okay, need to get rid of those unwanted level... more water, less fat, less toxin.. go go go hunz!

Note that I'm still 25 until this weekend.. (hint..hint) haha

Detail: Body Fat (23.4%), Body Water (23.9%), Toxicity (719 ohm)
FFM tuh ape tah x ingat.. hoho

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Retail Therapy

so called...

Today I went to meet a friend of mine who just came back from Houston, following her hubby who was assigned for a short term project there. While she was there, we constantly or lemme rephrase... I constantly emailed her asking for this and that, which one is cheaper etc etc.. Haha. I can never stop thinking of what to buy while she's there!

Ebay became my greatest addiction. I surf for every single stuff, be it handbag, books, electronics.. you name it! And I did that almost every day until Ebay can no longer be accessed at the office..hehe, Im sorry to other employees :)

I chose a mini tote (never thought it would turn out to be very mini like super mini in real life!) and she did a great job in the bidding, showing her true colors of being a procurement executive. Haha, ade kaitan kah? :P. I was very satisfied with that purchased as it cost me less than half of its original price! I loveeeeeeeeee ebay! haha.

Today, I went to visit her or mainly to "visit" my newly bought tote as I will not be in town next week when she resumed her work duties. I browsed thru some of the bags she bought and was contemplating between those awesome bags! I mms-ed my sis, called her few times, thinking and thinking again, did a super quick budget calculation and finally I chose to buy another 2 (TWO!!) bags! OMG! But it was all worth the price!

So, I ended up having these 3 bags, and dont ask me how much it costs! Cukup la sekadar membuatkan aku tersedak kejap untuk bulan ni.. haha.. I will consider these as my birthday gifts for this year and hopefully I will not buy any more bags after this! (Please God, let them design new bags horribly that I dont even feel like taking it for free!)

3 beradik... huhu

Untuk gi office serta travel jauh2.. sumbat segala payung botol air mak nenek sume dlm nih.. puas hati!

Untuk gi dating serta outing.. hehe.. cute tak mini tote nih? Nasib la ai kurus keding, muat je galas..

Untuk lunch + kalo ada dinner yg memerlukan clutch tp sebat je wristlet nih..blasah..

p/s: post ni bkn la dgn niat nk menunjuk ye.. saje nk tunjuk dkt akak dan buah hati je.. jgn kate ai show off plak.... =) kalo sape2 berminat, ade beberapa lagi yg kwn aku beli tu nak jual.. roger2 lah ye...

p/s2: still tak percaya dah beli beg2 di atas until now.. kena tido dan bangun tengok esok ade lagi ke atau mimpi.. haha over gitu.. yela, aku x penah beli beg semahal ni ye.. dulu siap kondem2 orang beli bag mahal2.. last2 sniri yg tergedik2.. *tepuk dahi*

p/s3: tido peluk beg..penuh katil.. hahaha ok ni over, memain je.. nitey nite all~~

Friday, July 3, 2009

Gamba lagi

Gamba bulan bape pun tak pasti.. bila eh? May kot? Masa ni wedding Maisarah sebelah Najmie.. Sebelah Mai aku tak pegi demam teruk berhari2 baru balik rig... So gi la sebelah Najmie sambil berpura2 jadi anak pasangan Azwa + Alan.. hehe... Mekaseh Azwa sebab angkut aku gi skali.. aku kan manje gitu ;p ;p ;p

Sayu plak tengok rambut panjang aku tuh.. tak jadi sgt dah toncit tyra banks tuh.. haha (bf i yg namakan fesyen rambut tyra) Eh, nampak mata cam besar skit tak? Saje gedik pakai color lense tu, dia ckp leh nampak mata lagi besar! Tapi aku tengok sepet jugak je? Hmm..

Mase ni baru balik rig... tengah super tanned! Pakai foundation pun dah jadi kelabu asap, tidak sama dengan warna kulit! Argh tension wehhhh... skang dh x pakai foundation, takut kelabu.. hehe

Tak sempat nak karang cerita pasal wedding Mai aritu, makanya ni je lah citenye untuk tatapan dan kenangan... Congrats again Mai... =)