Sunday, June 28, 2009


Pada suatu petang, YM antara aku dan Cik Emi....

Harni Lai: ada lambang negeri
Harni Lai: xtau negeri apa
Harni Lai: perlis punya ka
Harni Lai: x igt seh
Harni Lai: haha

emmot: malas aku nak hina
emmot: jangan balik perlis boleh?
emmot: hahaha
emmot: jata negeri pon tak kenai

Harni Lai: siot
Harni Lai: hahaha
Harni Lai: jata tuh apo?

emmot: aku agak dah jata pon tatau
emmot: petron*s ni kena antaq p btn la
emmot: haha

Harni Lai: wakakakakakakaka

Aih teruk betul aku nih.. Lambang negeri sendiri pun kantoi.. Yela, slalu Perlis guna bendera biru kuning tuh ja... ni bentuk cam pelik plak.. kuikui.. Sampai arini pun x confirm jata tuh apa.. aku agak lambang kat bendera tuh ja la.. huhu...

Tapi tu la, best kah BTN? Tak penah pi pulak.. huhu

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


stands for Urinary Tract Infection.

Last hitch requires me to day tripping to the platform and since I dont have a bedroom, that simply means I dont have a proper toilet to answer the nature calls. I tried to drink and eat less to avoid the needs to go to the toilet. But sometimes I just had to, luckily my colleague had a room and I had no choice but to use HIS bathroom. Better than the "slumdog" toilet, aite?

Anyway, after completed my learning on the platform, I went for another rig trip. Since I was on the platform earlier, I didnt bring any jeans and had to put on my coverall for work. You know how difficult and messy it is wearing a coverall. It takes longer time for me to do my "business". And sometimes I just ignored the call!

One day I woke up and felt the rush for pee but I ignored to enjoy few more minutes of good sleep. Then I went to the bathroom since my tank was already full. To my surprise, the amount of liquid was not that much and then I felt sharp pain towards the final drop. I was stunned. I remembered reading the blog of my friend's colleague who was having the same problem and later was diagnosed with ovarian cancer!

I tried to keep calm and continued my hot shower. I then consulted the medic onboard the rig and was informed of the possible UTI. He advised me to seek medical treatment and I was immediately sent back to shore for treatment.

Rushed to Miri as my other half was worried and would like to take me to the doctor himself. I then did the urine test and the result was.... I hold the urine too much! Hmmphh. There were traces of blood in the urine, eventhough I didnt see any blood but of course the test kit used turned bright green, indicating blood. There might be another factor as well, like the usage of public toilet. Remember I slept in the same room with another 3 guys? That explains.

It took me 5 days to fully recover and I never hold my urine anymore. But what if the public toilet is damn dirty? What should I do??

Sunday, June 21, 2009


After 3 weeks aku bertapa, akhirnya ku pulang jua ke tanah jauh sangat je pegi..

I feel great now. Everything is going as per plan, back on track. And I have few missions to accomplish, for this year...

Mission pertama haruslah menambahkan isi2 di sekitar tulang temulang aku nih. Ye, everytime naik rig haruslah turun berkilo-kilo ye.. Nasib baik ni last hitch.. No more extra money la pasnih.. *sigh*

Mission kedua haruslah tepuk dahi sendiri sebab gi cantas rambut sangat pendek.. Dah rindu rambut panjang pulak.. Pasni nak simpan rambut and nak curl.. Cantek kah?? Dulu penah buat skali tapi mak ai susah beno nak jaga rambut curl nih.. Tapi, takpe.. Try je. .Tak suka kalo kite kasi straight balik!

Mission ketiga, harus focus pada kerja. Aritu dah tunggang langgang kerja2 beta.. Now its time for me to come back! InsyaAllah by August aku start keja kat PMU balik. No more company biru berbintang merah. Sakit otak ye keja dengan mat saleh dan cha ya nun alip! Harap2 bapak beta takdelah se-pain in the ass cam seseorang tu... hehe..

Oklah, mari sambung makan Domino's. Lama dah nak ngap pizza nih. Tagline baru dia "terminate your hunger" sempena cite terminator tuh.. ceh.. nape tak transform jadik something else sempena transformer??

Ohhh tak sabarnye nak tengok transformer!! Harap2 dapat tengok dengan buah hati.. uhuuu..

Take care peeps.. Muaaahhhhhh