Monday, January 26, 2009

In the middle of nowhere

There will be a point of time when people have to move on. Sigh.. It's always been easy to say than really do it. I don't even know how to move, where to move. How can I move on?


Friday, January 9, 2009

New Job

NO. I haven’t resigned, yet.

For this one year, I’ll be working at a new place with new people and new surroundings. Location? It’s just next tower! Huh, aku berangan untuk pegi Miri ye…

Anyway, I started this secondee program last Monday. I was supposed to begin on 2nd January 2009 but come on.. Its Friday?? Might as well I take a day off and celebrate New Year with my beloved hunk, aite? Yes I did.

Being here is totally amazing. The mood, the job, the charming bosses, etcetera.. Like in previous post, I feel like working overseas. Too many expatriates here or at least at my floor. Quite a number of malays work here in the procurement section but it’s a different level, different story.

What I like the most about this new company is the prayer room! Yes people, they have a DEDICATED LADIES prayer room! They actually give up ALL the smoking room in these entire floors (like 4-5 floors belong to them) and convert them to either office room, server room or prayer room. Tapi takdela every floor ade prayer room. 1 floor je and everybody share…tak ramai pun melayu so bleh la accommodate..

So where did the smokers run their business? Downstairs! Outside of the building! Awesome! I don’t have to inhale harmful air everytime I use the rest room, like in previous organization. No more runny nose, I hope! Oh, their rest rooms are superb-ly clean! They don’t have the janitor to take care of the room but it’s just the attitude of the staffs here to ensure the cleanliness.. tak pun dorang berbisnes tanpa air kot??? Logic jugak la kan??

I belong to the shallow water drilling team. Drilling location? Sarawak! Yeay, leh slalu pegi Miri masa gi offshore!! I’ll start my Hitch really soon. At the moment I’m still waiting for my supervisor to come back from a long holiday. Perhaps next week I’ll start my journey, living WITH hunks! I’ve just been informed that we (the women) have to SHARE rooms with men! And I don’t know how to react. Gatal nak masuk international organization, hamik kau.. I guess I’ll take it as a challenge and experience in working in men’s world. At least kalau pindah keje oversea betul2 nanti takdela mati tekejut! My boss in green company is not very happy to hear it.. well, who does? I’ll try to request for a lady roommate, at least sorang pun jadi lah kan?

My working schedule is different. Its 9 hours instead of 8 and Friday is HALF day!! Aku akan pastikan Friday adelah hari golek2 atas katil!! Normal operating hour is 8.30am to 6.30pm but for drilling, we start as early as 7am!! On the first day, I came in at 8am. Baru report duty kan.. The following day I reached here at 7.35am and missed the rig call. I managed to come in at 7.15am on the 3rd day and yesterday I was the earliest, 7am! Why so early? We have rig call everyday at 7.30am followed by morning meeting with all drilling team (shallow and deep) at 8am. 9am will be the time for project team meeting, which includes all the g&g ppl, re, etc… Pening!

Now I feel like a zombie. I have to wake up as early as 6 or else I won’t make it on time! I have to leave the house before 6.45 to avoid the massive traffic and guess what.. the traffic at that hour is even worse as to compare when you come out at 7 or 7.30am! I have to take coffee every morning or at least the Pearl Choco to re-energize myself. Tu pun mata dah mcm mata panda okeh!

Workload? Still not much. Managed to complete 1 final well report today.. takdela buat sendiri sume.. just belajar2 buat and disupervise lah.. potong sana potong sini gak la.. The rest of the day was filled with readings.. oh, finally aku membaca!! Tapi buku pasal well la kan…

Okay, dah2 la kan memuji? Benda2 buruk di company ni belom dapat dikenalpasti. Ade la jugak dengar2 cerita pasal orang ini orang itu tapi berdasarkan resolution baru aku, aku tanak masuk campur. I’m here to work, not to make friends or foes.

So that’s all the update for this week. Saje je nak sibuk cerita ceriti pasal kehidupanku.. untuk tontonan/bacaan yang tersayang…….. hik

Monday, January 5, 2009


Happy Belated Birthday

I forgot my papa's birthday! It wasn't just me, but also my sister! What a daughter... Both of us were having great time with mak at Johor and totally forgot papa's birthday!! I realized it on the next day and quickly called kakak. We giggled a bit and I scrolled down to papa's name and dialed. Waited for a few seconds until I heard the voice of the lady.. "you have been forwarded to bla...." Ok, perhaps he's busy. He'll return my call later, like always. But he didn't. There was no call from him until today! OMG, papa merajuk! Padan muka kita, kak... My sis wasn't lucky either. Well, she didn't even bother to call since I told her that papa might be a bit upset with us.

Ala pa, this is the first time we forgot your big day. You used to forget ours since ages ago and we never sulk, at least not anymore....

Nevermind. Happy belated birthday to my papa, Mr. Lai Hang Khiang (as if he's reading.. daa). And I'm truly sorry for not wishing it on the day itself. We're human too and don't blame me for not remembering your birthday, coz I'm just like you. It's in the gene!

Happy Maal Hijrah

Happy Maal Hijrah to all Muslims in this world. Let's seek for courage and strength in ourselves to become a better muslimin/muslimah. Hope with this new year we will be able to search for the ultimate one. Congratulations to Ima, my colleague who had managed to "hijrah" to become a better person. Wishing you all the best in becoming a true muslimah.

Happy New Year!!

Another year passed with another year awaits. 2009 will be the year for all to wake up from dreaming. 2008 had given us too many nightmares which we will never want to have it coming again. Recalling what happened in that year alone will take up forever. Let's just close the book but keep the lessons learnt pages open. Stick it up where you can see it clearly and frequently.

Resolution? Don't bother to make a list if you don't really work hard to realize it. A self note to me, dont get me wrong.. I didn't put up any resolution last year, or did I? This year, I aim to be a better person, I feel like repeating the words, from previous years! Yes, I am. Being a better person is never an easy thing, never can be accomplished in a single year. It's a boundless process! My mentor used to remind me, "good things are hard to get but once you have it, you'll treasure it forever". Very well said.

Career wise, I aim to close my technical gap. This is my first day at new place and I'm blogging happily. From green company to blue company, oh no, it's not Schlumberger btw.. Being here is totally different. I feel like I'm working overseas! I'm surrounded by mat sallehs and non-bumis. I got my tongue twisted a bit as I haven't been 100% communicating in English for quite some time. The last time I work in this kind of surrounding was 4 years back. Seconded here is bliss. I kept on complaining of being sick working in an office and now I have to shut up. I'm actually counting days before I FINALLY get to start my Hitch program and get the taste of sleeping on a rig, with lots of hunk! (in separate room of course) But, I can't seem to locate my offshore passport! Damn! I'll tell more stories about this new company in the next post, hopefully.

So, how did you guys celebrate it? With joy? With reciting some doa? Anything goes.. I heard there was a sex party at Cabana Inn. Anyone? hahaha. I'm not sure if the same party managed to take place in JB coz on that very afternoon, the venue had to be revised.. kantoi daa.. I celebrated in bed, at Miri. I was down with flu, cough and massive headache. I declared myself deaf when I touched down at Miri Airport. I kinda lost most of my sense ability.. smelling, tasting and hearing. And I finally realized how important they are. Syukur.. I couldn't enjoy the taste of sambal belacan in my fav meal, Lalapan. I had the meal 3 times while I was there and the result was just the same, tasteless! How disappointing! But thank God, now I'm okay with the hearing despite the need to yawn more frequent. Smelling ability is improving. I can smell my own body and taste most of my fav food. Hopefully in the next trip to Miri, I'll be able to enjoy my Lalapan~~ Btw, for those who not know, Lalapan is an Indonesian dish consists of nasi putih, a few types of ulam-ulaman, and sambal belacan. The recipe has been improved by adding a fried chicken and sup kaki ayam. The taste? Marvelous!! I plan to open one in KL but first I have to learn to make a damn good sambal belacan.... anybody got recipe??