Thursday, November 27, 2008

Labuan, again!

This is my more-than-5th time in Labuan (nampak sangat takleh recall bape kali dtg sinih.. huhu). I'm attending a 2-weeks Well Engineering course. Course ni actually untuk yang dah 3-4 years experience but with the ACD in place, it's been put as mandatory tu kanak2 like us. We're supposed to learn and know the do's and dont's in drilling world within 2 weeks! On top of that, we also have to work on a project, which is to come out with a "mini" Notice Of Operation (NOOP) at the end of this course. 2 minggu siapkan NOOP? Pergh! Memang koboi punya drilling engineer nih!

I dont wanna talk much about the course coz it's juz a course anyway and bukannya sume berminat nak tau ape yang aku bebelkan kat sini kan? hihu. This time post aku adelah mirip kepada fotopages. Gamba2 ni di-snap mase kitorang ade day off on Sunday (Saturday blaja ye!). We had bowling tournament at the morning but the photographer was late so no pix on bowling. Then we decided to jalan2 di sekitar Labuan, or bak kata budak2 nih, roadtrip to Labuan! So, enjoy gamba gedik aku~! Kudos to Amir for bringing his D80 along~.. saye rase sangat cantek.. wahahaha

Labuan's attraction.. crystal~

Saye rase seperti pelancong asing~ :P

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mari Belajar ABC..without the T

I'm in the extremely good + happy mood. Y? Baru lepas jumpe buah hati tersayang le.. heh.. I'm now in Labuan, attending 2 weeks course (Yes you are right.. 2 minggu weh.. lalala). I've been tagged by Aliza, so here goes.. (Ali, aku copy paste so the font n color sume sebijik..maap)

A is for age: 25 years 4 months and 6 days old

B is for booze of choice: Milo (4 sudu milo + 1 sudu creamer) & Air suam

C is for career: Drilling Engineer

D is for how you want to die: prepared and peacefully

E is for essential items to bring to a party: gifts & a happy happy me!

F is for favourite song at the moment: Dont wanna fight - Qwote

G is for favourite game: diner dash! (tak lepas2 lagi dkt 3rd restaurant)

H is for hometown: Kangaq

I is for instruments you play: Drum seketul masa primary school band

J is for jam or jelly you lika: Kaya bleh? hehe. That lady's choice peanut butter chunks

K is for kids: none at the moment.

L is for living arrangements: rended no14 with 3 pretty housemates

M is for money you want: yang halal

N is for name of your crush: nana & spartan

O is for overnight hospital stays: 1st when I was 10 y.o (suspected dengue). then on the night I met with THE accident (13/2/2002) and a week later for a follow up surgery

P is for phobias: emergency brake

Q is for quotes you like: Selawat

R is for relationship that lasted the longest: 2 years

S is for sartorial style: simple & sexy, bleh?

U is for underwear: preferably none? haha. Used to love vanity fair. Now skiva. No need triumph2 la.. those are for over-sized ppl.. huhuhu.. we the cute2 size can live with 10bucks brand like scarlet? oh panjang pulak bebel..

V is for vegetables you love: kailan..

W is for weekend plans: bed-dweller OR dating OR outing with girl frens

X is for x-rays you've had: chest, head & fingers (terkepit pintu kete)

Y is for yummy food you make: steamed brownies? sbb mak & TMF ckp sodap.. kan sayang kan??

Z is for zillion you love:i love my family, TMF and frens. *hugs&kisses*

I'm supposed to tag this to other bloggers. SO here goes... Emmot, Erin, Azwa, Yati (err??) Perasan tak T takde? hmmph?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Are you married, miss?

A conversation during a super long boring meeting this morning..

A guy: Your husband keje kat mane?
Me: I'm not married yet! (damn.. bile la nak boleh jawab soalan dengan betul nih! huhu)

A guy: Eh yeke? La.. ingatkan dah kawin..
Me: What made u think i'm married?

A guy: I nampak gamba budak kat meja u.. Pastu pagi tadi u complaint bangun kul 5pg tuh I ingat anak u nangis..
Me: Haha.. that's my niece la.. Do I look like I'm married, anyway?

A guy: Tu la pelik. Gile slim ah kalau dah kawin. Memang hebat la kalau boleh maintain camni. Slim habis...
Me: LOL!

Dah kawin sok kembang setaman ke? Huh. Scary.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saye Gemok!

Recalling this post..

Skarang berat aku dah 45kg, turun sekilo sebab puasa. Skang aku rase aim untuk reach 48kg harus di-revise. Aku rase macam dah gemok gile!! Sile lihat gambarajah di bawah yang menampilkan aksi-aksi lemak aku..

Rase sangat disturbed dengan gambo nih... Rase mcm lengan aku expanding. Urgh!

This is even worse. Lihat keboroian aku tu. Hmm.. Ni la akibatnye dinner pastu terus golek atas katil.. Kan dah boncit.. Aiyakk

Camne ye nak gemok tapi tidak boroi? Fat distribution adelah sangat poor. Lemak-lemak terkumpul di tempat2 yang tidak sepatotnye... How how?

Dah kurus, nak gemok. Dah gemok, tak suke pulak. Haihhhh