Friday, October 31, 2008

Lagi lagi LRT

Kisah kali ni bukanla nak mengata sistem LRT atau manusia2 lagi.. kang tak pepasal aku pulak dihentam dek "pengguna" LRT yang tak sehaluan dengan aku (ops!)

On the way balik tadi, ade sorang minah berdiri seblah aku. Umurnya lebih kurang aku kot, tak kisahlah. Aku berpegang pada pole di seblah kiri, dia kat seblah kanan. Mula2 dia pegang aje pole tu... pastu dia landing badan dia.. daripada dahi, turun ke hidung.. dok segel2 pole tu.. aku buat dek aje la walaupun aku rase agak pelik untuk ber"aksi" sedemikian dengan tiang lrt tu.. Tup2, dah turun ke lips! Oh god. Adekah dia sedang mencium tiang itu? Erk! Aku ingatkan mungkin terkena lips dia aje kot. Tapi tengok2 memang dia mengkiss pole tersebut adelah dalam 3 4 kali sebelum dia alihkan. Maybe dia perasan kot aku tengah tengok dengan kusyuknye!

Ni bukanlah kali pertama aku witness such action. Sebelum ni pun ade gak sorang makcik buat macam tu dengan tiang tu. Pada aku, tak kisahla kau nak bercium ke ape tapi tak ke rase kotor kan? Tah ape-ape je la yang ade dekat tiang tu dah termasuk dalam mulut anda kan? Ntahla.. Kome pikir sendiri le.. Tu hanyalah pandangan saya yang tak seberapa.. Kalau rase pandangan aku tak betul, bior je. Tak perlu hit butang comment itu dan hentam saya. (Aku dah bosan dengan pandangan orang2 yang tak se"kasut" dengan aku. Bukan tak nak terima tapi aku rase selagi korang belum rasa apa yang aku rasa, tak de hak la nak kate ape2)

Oh emo pulak... *crap* Did i just promised myself to be nicer? Sorry.. heh.. tapi aku jenis yang straight forward so that's how I feel at the moment. Basically drpd post2 LRT terdahulu.

Next topic.Wah banyak pulak update. Syok la ko Limau dapat bahan bacaan. Aku pulak dok asyik tengok gambo awek ko je.

Akak aku masuk spital. Kena chikungunya. Siannn.. Aku pulak arini dah sejuk2.. Ni pun tengah tak berapa sedap badan. Ingatkan orang kuatkan aircond tapi aku je yang sejuk sorang2.. Seharian pakai blazer je. Huhu. Badan pun dah lenguh2.. Chikungunya jugak ke ni?? Oh Noooooo

Oklah peeps. Catch with you guys later.. Aku nak bersiap untuk housies night out..


Friday, October 17, 2008

Downward Trend

Everybody is talking about the economic downturn. We even feel the heat in Malaysia. Today I was bloghopping while listening (not watching) to the TV3 The Exchange program. I didnt pay any attention to it until the host asked the panel on what can be done by our government to reduce the impact on Malaysians. What cought my interest was when the lady panel (I dont know her name, sorry) mentioned about one thing that can be done by government is to re-table the development plan that will give result immediately.

Asked to elaborate more, she said government should re-look at the plan to upgrade the LRT and opt to upgrade the buses instead of the LRT to show to the rakyat the tremendous impact and cost savings if we do not upgrade our LRT system. HUH? I looked at that not so beautiful lady and cursed. Idiot you. I bet she had never ever been in the LRT before and thought that our beloved LRT system is working JUST FINE! Oh My GOD! You wanna upgrade the busses instead of LRT? Idiot you again! What on earth are you thinking,lady. Busses will never bring any good to us, "the rakyat" coz the traffic jam is never going to be okay. We will be stucked in the traffic jam hours before we can reach the office. Not to mention bau asap bas itu kan serta makcik berkutu seperti pengalaman Aliza. (oh sorry dear, i just HAVE to mention this!)

We, the rakyat desperately need to see some upgrade in our LRT system. So please, dont you ever think of taking back the plan just to have immediate effect. Think of longer term benefit will you? She even mentioned to reduce the EPF contribution. Ni satu lagi la kan. Ape nak suruh lepas bersara tuh kitorang makan pasir ke makcik? With the current contribution pun we won't be getting much tau!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Siem Reap Escapade (Day 4)

We had our early breakfast today and departed to Siem Reap International Airport for our flight back to KL. It's AK847 scheduled to depart at 8.30am local time and estimated to arrive in KLIA at 11.30 (Malaysia time). We arrived early than expected so we had ample of time at the airport. We snapped pictures again, like crazy girls. hehe. I have this habit where I like to take pictures with the country flag. SOOOO, aku pun terkinje2 la depan flag ituuu.. hehe. Note the shirt I LOVE CAMBODIA tu.. sebenarnye dah tak cukup baju aku ni.. hahaha. By the way, for those who plan to go there please please please be reminded and spare 25 dollar for airport tax. Somehow this airline does not capture it during the booking and we had to pay 25 dollah before checking in.

Muke sangat boring...... penat tunggu kapal tebang tak sampai2...

This pic wud be nice if Bee Bee is in it as well.. tapi takde tripod la kan..

Yeahh.. finally ade angin dan berkibar megah...kalo idak, kuncup je..

Ni sape tah pegi candid nih..adeh..

Personal Ledger:

Transport to airport = $7
Airport tax = $25

Total expenses for 4 days trip plus flight ticket and accommodation = RM 1500

Contact person:
Razak Bin Salim. MD of Sor Phoun Villa & Restaurant
017-223779 (I'm not sure of its country code)
I lost Yusof's card. You may ask for his number from Razak. They know each other.

Siem Reap Escapade (Day 3)

It's our final day of tour as we're taking the earliest flight back tomorrow morning. Since we couldn't see much of carvings on Angkor Wat yesterday, we decided to go for another round of tour to Angkor Tham, largest temple area in Siem Reap. We used the west gate and fooled the guards by mentioning we're going to the shooting field. (hoh? bila pulak rajin nak menembak ni?). It was advised by Yusof so we couldnt argue la basically.

Angkor Thom is bigger. To get there took longer time than to be at Angkor Wat. Frankly, I can be lost there. Nothing much of interesting fact to be elaborated here. Just enjoy the pictures we took at Angkor Thom. Great place!!

We then decided to visit the Cambodia Cultural Village, as mentioned earlier, the price is USD11 per head. Luckily it was interesting and worth every cent! We looked at lots of half-naked women in the Wax Museum, shouted our lungs out in the Judgement Tunnel and Ghost House, visited various village that resembles Cambodian lifestyle and enjoyed ourselves with their mini shows! There were 4 shows played in the afternoon; Charming Scarf Show at the Mini Theatre, Khmer Traditional Wedding at the Millionaire House, Traditional Chinese Dancing show at Chinese Village and Peacock Dancing at Kola Village. The girls were even invited to dance on the stage during Khmer Traditional Dancing! I wonder why I wasnt invited!! I think I know the answer.. perhaps they think I'm local coz I'm the only person without the scarf and I do look a bit mcm siam-cambodia gitu.. Yusof la kate kan.. hahaha Damn!

11 Dollah ye...

See...sume gambo pompuan kat sini mcm ni ye..takde bra..

Boring dah tak tau nak posing camno..
Cantik tak? Walaupun agak kurang skill menggunakan camera canggih.. he he he

Sengih je lebih.. masing2 stiff!!

Nih awek yang belakon jadik Pengantin Pompuan.. Cantik kan...

It was a tiring day, without proper HEAVY lunch! I can't skip meal, remember? So sangattttt lah kebulur! Starving gile tak hingat punye. We went back to our hotel and had Maggie lunch. Huuu sounds sad huh? Actually, we wanted to go for lunch but since we already paid 11 dollar for the Cultural Village, we decided to stay until 4.30 pm. We went back to hotel for quick Zohor+Asar prayers and had Beebee's Maggie (she bought 3 packets of maggie just in case we couldnt find halal restaurant.Thanx Bee!). After relaxing for a while, we went to Razak's Restaurant again for our very last dinner in Siem Reap. We had the very best dinner ever!! Yusof and Razak introduced us with another local dishes; Snakehead Fish and Daging Lembu Naik Bukit (yeah, it sounds funny but it taste damn damn damn good!). Snakehead Fish is a fish with the snake look alike head. It had to be wrapped in some vege and dip in air asam.. hehe.. ape punye description nih! That Daging Lembu Naik Bukit is basically the steamboat beef cooked with egg and some vege. It comes with black pepper sauce and the taste is indescribable!

Snakehead Fish

Daging Lembu Naik Bukit

We dropped by at the Night market (AGAIN!) for final shopping. I bought extra scarfs and silk purse for sis and mak.. We went back to the hotel for our final sleep in Siem Reap and thanked Yusof for his great support and help. Walaupun dia pening dengan "aksi gila" aku. Maaf la Yusof ye.. We packed our things and hit the sack at 11pm...

Personal Ledger:

Tuktuk ride to Angkor Thom = $15
Cambodia Cultural Village Ticket = $11
Dinner = $ 21
Tuktuk ride to Night Market = $5
Souvenir = $8

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Arini bangun on time tapi aku layan tido dlm toilet sampai terbabas... Dahla course starts at 8.30 so i have to be at klcc at 8! Damn!

Parking was full and I dont have time to make a u-turn and park at the flat area. Proceeded to Terminal Putra and had to pay 3 bucks for a ticket. Damn!

Board the train at 7.40am. Was sandwiched between 2 butts. Guess la laki ke pompuan nye butt? Double damn!

Train was just a lil bit faster than a snail. Aku rase orang tu lupe nak tekan gear ke whatever button it takes to make the train move at its normal speed. Damn!

On my way back, the queue was already an S curve. Couldnt get myself into the 1st train. When the 2nd one arrived, I quickly put 1 foot on board the train just to get myself in. Again, I was sandwiched and compressed like the new Pizza thin crust in between those men! I looked at the normal spot where I used to stand, in between the coach. There was plenty of space there but none of those big fat ass are moving! A pakcik told me "kat dalam ade ruang lagi tu" and I nodded. I asked the 2 guys in front of me to move forward and go further inside but none of them bothered. FINE! I excused myself and took a deeeeep breath and meredah lautan manusia to get there! People just look at me like a crazy bitch who has never been in the LRT.

Bodoh la Malaysians. Be it Malay, Chinese or Indians. Sume sama je!!! Hoh stress aku naik lrt!!

If we stick to this attitude, there'll be no changes in our public transport even if they complete their plan to upgrade to 4 coaches next year.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Siem Reap Escapade (Day 2)

At the break of dawn, we get ourselves ready for another adventure in Cambodia (huh, adventure ke?) Aliza had earlier on made free shuttle arrangement with the Angkor Silk Farm ; Artisans Angkor for free educational exhibition and workshop tours. That arrangement saved us 7 dollah on Tuktuk ride. [Note: Tuktuk ride is way not advisable as the road is undergoing major construction and it was very very dusty.] There, we witnessed the entire silk creation process but I was busy taking pictures and end up not paying attention to the lesson. Huh, aku memang malas belajar okeh! If you wanna know in detail on how to create silk, do read at Aliza's. She paid 120% attention to the whole process seperti belajar untuk exam Masters! hehe. As usual, whenever there's a place selling anything, Aliza would end up carrying plastic bags out of the store. By the way, she was declared backrupt on the very second day due to excessive shopping. kuikuikui.. banyak aje yang jadi Along untuk Aliza.. Next time bring double okay dear?

As depicted above, we jumped like crazy women in front of the Cambodia Cultural Village. We requested the driver to drop us at the Cultural Village instead of sending us back to the hotel (mengambil kesempatan ke atas free shuttle service!) We figured out the ticket price to enter the place, which is 11 Dollah! We didnt spend it coz it was 3 hours break and the shows will resume back at 2.30pm, which means we have super long time to wait. We then decided to jump here and there and climbed the elephant sculpture like kids. Since I'm petite (x ngaku pendek haha) I couldnt climbed it!! Damn!

We revamped our schedule for that day by riding a Tuktuk to the Center Market later that morning. Initial plan was to go there on the 3rd day but since we have nothing to do that afternoon, we decided to spend the rest of our Dollah there. It was the cheapest place to get more souvenirs. I shopped a lot like there's no more Cambodia (memang pun, takmo dah le datang sinih). Items sold are similar to those at Night market but Night Market offers more high class items like silk handbag and etc etc. Here, you can buy all those I Love Cambodia t-shirts, pillow case, silk scarfs, keychain and silk purse in bulk for better price. Do a lot of bargain and if it doesnt match your number, just leave and find another stall. Kecuali lah benda yang anda nak tuh ade kat kedai tu je, maka redha aje le ye. I ended up with multiple bags consisting skirt, more and more scarfs and shot glasses for our family collection. Oh, another tip, do bargain in Riel coz you can reduce the number significantly...

After an hour there, we had our lunch at Sor Phoun Villa & Restauran. Aliza met the owner, Mr Salim Razak who is a local Cambodian Muslim. We had another taste of local dishes; Fish Amok (mcm rendang ikan..tak sodap lah), Chicken Tom Yam and Beef Stew with Kangkong (yang penuh dengan minyak!). Razak introduced us to his Tuktuk driver friend, Yusof, another local Cambodian Muslim. He has been our unofficial tourist guide for the rest of our stay. Yusof sent us back to the hotel and agreed to pick us up for another must-do activity later that evening.

We planned for a visit to Angkor Wat, one of the magnificent world heritages. However, we were told that the ticket is 22 dollah and looking back at our notes, we dont quite agree to spend those amount! (We are shopaholics by nature and we love outdoor too but we adore shopping more!) We were not fully prepared with that ticket price and hence it was quite shocked for us to figure out (akhirnye bile dah pulang rase nyesal yer.. next time harus check how much it cost!) Anyway, we did go there but only to snap pictures at the entrance. Yusof knows all the tricks to go there without the need to pay. We have to be there at 5.30pm when the guards are off duty. Before we arrived, we stopped at the Sokha Hotel Hot Air Balloon field and again, snap pictures like crazy paparazzi.

By the time we reached the Angkor Wat entrance, it was almost dusk. We ended up snapping pictures in front of the Wat but unable to take pictures of the carvings. Yusof later promised us to bring us again tomorrow using another entrance, Angkor Thom.

Excuse my pose. I've just figured out that the normal gedik post wont longer attract people? Ke aku salah? hahaha i dont care.... tapi kalau encik TMF murka, saye tidak akan melakukan aksi-aksi camwhore sebegini lagi... ;p

We had our dinner at the only Malaysian Cuisine Restaurant, d'Wau. It's owned by Malaysian with Cambodian parents. We had beef lab (minced meat masak kerabu), prawn tempura and Shnau Creuk (chicken soup). The taste was just okay....

Since we dont have anything to do that night, we decided to try the Khmer Traditional Foot & Body Massage! It costs us 7 dollah each and lasted for 1 hour. The memories in that massage room can never be described here! It was sooo exciting and will be cherished forever. Hehe.. kadang-kadang tuh tergelak sorang-sorang pulak mengenangkan aksi jerit masing-masing.. kui kui... If you happen to be there, do try!

Malam masih muda, so we ended up spending another dollah at the night market, again! I wanted to buy silk handbag the night before but couldnt bargain for more cheaper price! It was put on display for $29 and I managed to get it down to $20. Wanted to get it lower but the seller was so kind and he showed me his ledger? His profit was only 60 cents! OMG! AKu rase bersalah gile okay? Dahla scarf yang $3 pun gile2 mintak $1. Come on Hunz, it's just 10 ringgit!! So, I ended up buying that bag sebab rase bersalah.. hahaha. I bought another Khmer shirt for Sawa and the very generous friend, Wong for lending me his Nick'a (sorry but i tortured Nick'a when I snapped pictures like a crazy paparazzi.. he he he) and silk tie for my TMF and bro-in-law.

Before we got the chance to snore, Yusof took us to local stalls for a taste of local fruit juice. Its a mix of everything! and I was this close to puke after a sip sebab die ade DOYAN!!! (durian la..) Aliza refused it as well coz she's allergic to milk. Alih-alih Beebee dengan Yati je yang ngabihkan.. The taste was so euuuuuwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...

Okay, pictures of second day will be uploaded soon. Arini sangat penat.. Nite2 peeps...

Personal Ledger:

Tuktuk ride to Center Market = 16000R
Skirt = 16000R
Scarfs = 80000R
Shot glasses = 84000R (6 pieces)
Tuktuk ride to Razak's = 10000R
Lunch = 11000R each
Tuktuk ride to Hotel = 2000R each
Tuktuk ride to Angkor Wat = 8000R each
Dinner at d'Wau = $5 each
Silk handbag = $20
Souvenirs = $7

Total = Esok la aku kire..

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I followed this link from Sarr's blog and I totally utterly want this!!

They're giving F-R-E-E HANDBAG PEOPLE!!! Oh can you see how excited I am? Everything is FREE! So girls please hit this link. Check it out yer!!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Siem Reap Escapade (Day 1)

Walaupun hati agak berat untuk meneruskan plan bercuti kali ni, aku terpaksa jugak la join sebab dah bayar kan... Berat rasanya nak tinggalkan mak meneruskan hidup seorang diri tapi aku percaya mak masih seorang yang sangat tabah dan kuat. Mak izinkan aku untuk bercuti dan aku dah janji untuk selalu balik kampung lepas neh...

Okeh. Tamat sudah mushy-mushy part. Here's the exciting part. Me and Yati made a quick last minute decision to join Aliza and Beebee for their 4d3n trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. It was a totally unplanned thing for me. Since sume baru dapat bunus kan, I set aside some amount (banyak juge ye amount kui kui) for this vacation.

Our flight was the 7.30am AK846 on 6th October 2008. It was an early flight so we had to perform our Subuh prayer at the airport. The journey took about 2 hours and we touched down at Sieam Reap International Airport at 8.30am local time (1 hour behind Malaysia). Since kuar umah pun kul 5 pagi, aku yang terkenal dengan sifat suke makan neh decided to have in-flight breakfast. I had nasik lemak and mineral water. Nasik lemak paling mahal penah ku makan....

The moment we arrived, we exchanged a small amount of our money for a start. The rate was 1USD = 3800 Riel (R). Situ agak mahal rate nye okay. You can get it at 4100R dekat town. We wanted to settle with a cab to bring us to our hotel. The airport cab would have cost us $7 but somehow Aliza spotted a man holding "M SAFARI LAI" and "ALIZA HASSAN". Its our hotel driver!!! So we managed to save $7. Sini transaction in USD okay. Sangat mahal. We stayed at the Radius International - Angkor Star Hotel. It's the cheapest hotel in town given in the Air-Asia go-holiday package. We could not check in to our room yet as it was still too early. We decided to leave our belongings at the hotel and headed to our first Siem Reap's attraction, the Tonle Sap Lake, about 12km from town.

We were lucky to be in Sieam Reap during wet season. In the wet season, the Tonle Sap lake becomes one of the largest freshwater areas in the region that is home to ethnic boat people. Oh yes they do live in the boat and I still cant picture myself living my life that way. Hmm... Syukur la dapat tinggal kat rumah atas tanah (bukan bawah tanah ye Yati). We hire a boat for $10/head and were guided by local Cambodian named Tiger. We explored the floating community of Chong Khneas witnessing the ancient way of life that came into existence more than 1000 years ago. The village is not only equipped with house but also schools, churchs, medical clinic, restaurants and a floating market! Most of the boat house are tied up at the front door. Children spent their childhood living swimming, floating around or playing on woodern rafts. On our way back to shore, we dropped by at one of the floating restaurants. We didnt go there to eat but more to visit the crocodile and fish farm. They breed the crocodile to be turned into handbags or boots!

After getting enough sunburn, we headed back to our hotel and check in to our room. Me & Yati were placed in room 314 while Aliza & Beebee settled at room 216. Our stomach were grumpling so bad made us decided to have in-room lunch. Thank God the hotel is halal. We ordered local cuisine, 2 tasteless Cambodian Fried Rice , the ever delicious Beef Lok Lak, and the lovely Tom Yum Kung. Habis melantak, masing2 terlentok di bilik kitorang sampai dusk. When we woke up, we planned for tonight activity. Shopping!! Before we do so, my stomach need more filling (kan dah cakap aku kuat makan..). Again we had our room service for dinner. We had spaghetti, fish and chips, chicken in thick spicy sauce and chicken cooked with ginger.

We then hired a Tuktuk to ride us to the Angkor Night Market for return price of $4. It has more than 100 huts built from natural materials (wood, bamboo and straw) and designed in Khmer style. Most of the items sold are the traditional Cambodian handmade products ranging from clothing, silks, art, jewellery and other handicrafts to CDs, DVDs and electronic goods. All of us jadik rambang mata with all the choices. Banyak sangat silks scarf available at an extremely cheap price, average $3 each. Ala-ala beli selendang 10 ringgit lah. That night alone, I spent few bucks beli pinggan cambodia & card holder (I collect many things! Susahnye!) and also some t-shirts and fridge magnet for friends and families. Banyak lagi benda murah-murah kat sini. "1 dollah, 2 dollah"... We then hit the sack at 12pm.

Personal Ledger (after everything is divided by 4):

Flight = RM 440
Accommodation = RM 150 (3nights)
Breakfast = RM 12
Boat ride to Tonle Sap Lake = $10
Transport to Tonle Sap Lake = $5
Lunch = $5
Dinner = $6
Tuktuk ride to Night Market = $1
Souvenirs = $27

Total = $54 + RM602

P/S: More stories can be read at Aliza's and Beebee's . Pictures can be found here.

It took me 3 hours to publish this post. Penat!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008






Our family lost another member early this morning when my step dad (Abah) passed away due to kidney failure. He had been suffering from diabetes and a week ago the kidney was infected. He will be very much missed by us and remembered.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Aidil Fitri

Ramadhan berlalu. Last year punya mission was to wear baju kurung for the whole month (working days only). This year punye Ramadhan resolution was not to accept any iftar@hotel invitation by contractors. Sukses! Next year punye? Masak untuk iftar sebulan?? kuang kuang kuang.. keje gilo nih

Ramadhan this year agak berlainan dgn last year. Last year ade la kot 5 hari je x dapat invitation berbuke. This year ade la 5 invitation je! Tu pun direjek bulat-bulat oleh aku. This year aku mcm tak excited untuk beraya like previous years. Aku pun tak sure kenape. Padahal this year la aku dpt beraya dengan akak aku after 2 yrs beraya without her. Hmm.. This year jugak dapat beraya dengan encik TMF.. walaupun dah raya ke3 tapi janji raya la kan.. Dapat la jugak kenal-kenalan dengan sedara maraku..

Ramadhan kali ni menyaksikan aku ponteng terawikh dengan jayanya. Aku pegi sekali je, tu pun masa dah malam kedua terakhir. Malam terakhir aku sibuk buat samperit. Syndrom malas aku makin menjadi-jadi pulak this year. Rosak...rosak... Penat jugak dengar bebelan mak. he he he..

Syawal dah menjelma. This year sedondon merah. Tapi orang lain tak jadik merah, jadik maroon. Aku sorang je merah menyala.. Sabo je la. Second raya mcm biase jadik host open house for family n frens.

Syawal mcm tak meriah pada aku this year. Aku semacam tak dapat merasa mood raya tuh 100%. What's wrong with me????? Nak kate sibuk dilamun cinta, hp tu mcm sentiasa tak berbunyi jek.. Aiyoh.. Blom sempat jugak nak bertemu rakan-rakan lama... walaupun bespren aku yg sorang tu duduk selang satu lorong je dengan umah aku, tapi mcm x sempat je jumpe?? Comment skit cik emi.. huhu

Aku semacam ada masalah jiwa dan raga nih.. Harus bercuti panjang and ENJOY!!!! \o/ (Ala-ala Nora Danish angkat tangan)