Saturday, November 16, 2013

Eurotrip 2011: France

Yupe, supposed to be posted way back in 2011 but you can expect the normal excuse from me. This post is supposed to be in direct continuation of this post so lets go back to 2011 and continue the journey... 

The moment we were told of our departure date from Mauritania, Hazel & I decided to join our colleague Sam for an 18-days Eurotrip. We used TopDeck services, and paid a whopping 1000 pound for it. That includes transportation (bus rides), accommodation, and some meals. That price was cheap because it was during winter. 

We flew from Mauritania to Paris and decided to go to the Disneyland on our own (this is not part of the trip package). We booked ourselves a small apartment in La Vallee area considering the journey and cost from Paris town is quite long and expensive. Since it was long time ago, I couldn't remember the place we stayed but there's plenty of service apartments in that area for you to choose. 

We booked the Disneyland ticket online, and went very early in the morning as were advised by my Sis. Go as early as possible for the queue might take you ages! We enjoyed ourselves to the max. I personally jumped all over the places to express my happiness, for finally being able to place my footstep in Disneyland Paris! Like a dream came true :) We had so many rides and I remember we repeated one of the rides 3 times! Think it was Space Shuttle.. need to confirm with Hazel.. LoL! 

Anyhow, you can expect what happened to the rest of the day. Living fantasy life.. If I had a chance to repeat, I would spend at least 2 full days there. 1 day is just not enough! So, the next day was spent shopping at La Vallee Village, the famous shopping outlet. This too, requires more than 1 day. Haha. It was my 2nd time there and I still shopped like there was no tomorrow. 

As per our travel itinerary, we headed back to Paris town to meet up with the fellow tour mates. The starting point was actually London but since I've been there few times so we decided to just meet at Paris. We had our group dinner together and was served with the famous french onion soup, quite delish! As for the appetizer, we can chose either to have escargot or frog legs. So which one did I chose? ^-^

Kaki katak, anyone? 

After the dinner, we were taken for a ride around Paris, enjoying the city of lights and not to forget doing some tourist thing at the Eiffel Tower. Did you know that Eiffel Tower displays running lights at every odd hours? So we waited for that moment and took as many pictures as we could!! That is for bragging rights, lol. 

Came daylight, we went back to the Eiffel Tower as early as possible to get our ticket. If you really want to go to the top of the tower, please be there at least before 9am. The queue can get crazily long if you went there late. And that is during winter. During summer? I leave it to your imagination..... 

Few other places for you to visit: 
1. Arc de Triomphe: famous monument in Paris for their warriors. Known to be situated at the center of the deadliest roundabouts. Caution, dont try to cross the road during peak hour. You can visit both during daytime and at night for different views. 

2. Musee de Louvre: The extremely large museum housed the famous Monalisa portrait where all tourists would fight among themselves to get a decent picture with it, including myself. Did you know she has no eyebrows? Maybe Leo da Vinci was in a rush to finish the painting... heh. Anyway we went there just for her picture. I'm not an art fan, so I just went past all the paintings in a flash. bosan.. It will take you probably a week to look at all paintings.. 

3. Notre Dame: the famous church. I didnt go inside, so leave it to mr google to elaborate

With Hazel & Syed, inside the de Louvre

With tour mates... enjoying our exotic dinner

Moulin Rouge... You can spend a night watching the show here
Short and simple, till next time for the next location! 


Friday, June 29, 2012

Another trouble

Still excited about the laser thingy. Yesterday I did a different type of treatment to flatten some scar bumps on the face. It's called CO2 fractional laser and it literally cuts your skin! You know, like welding your own face... Yerp, it was painful, sharp pain like having a knife slitting your skin and literally bleeds! (and yet why am I doing this again???)

The pain lasted slightly longer than fraxel treatment but it was localized pain and shouldnt bother you much if you did it only at a few spots. It was not as painful as fraxel (after the procedure). Advice, dont do this on whole face.

Grounded for another week, and bedridden for couple of days now. What a hopeless combo..

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


They say diamonds are women’s bestfriends. As much as I love the sparkles effect (but not the price of course unless some hot hunk pays for me), I don’t think I’m into diamonds so much, as of now. But, recently I’ve discovered my own version of diamonds to be called bestfriends.


Yupe, that plastic surgery, chemical peel, laser beam thingy, is my bestfriend now. I found a very good place in the heart of KL, and I fell in love with all the services instantly (went berserk too).

Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre (BWMC), is just 3 blocks away from Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC). The painful part is the location is so “strategic” that it took me an hour to get there because of the deadly traffic.

So what can you do at BWMC? Everything! If you have issues with dull uneven skin tone, sagging breasts, bulging tummy, stubborn scars, fine lines, or anything that is associated with your physical appearances, this is the place for you to go and get it fix. Of course, it’s a private medical centre, with all the latest emerging technologies and expertise; you should expect the price to always be on the high side. But this is an investment. I’ve spent a fortune on facials, treatments and you name it but the results were never the same. You can spend RM300 per facial per month for the rest of the year or dump a thousand for one treatment and get an instant result. You may or may not need more than 1 treatment, it all depends on you & your skin.

I’m currently undergoing the double fraxel treatment (package of 5 treatments). Done the first treatment and hell it was very very painful. I’m all known to have high pain threshold but this one is bit off the limit. I was in agony for an hour but after the cooling treatment I’m back to normal. And after 1 day I could actually see the results and there’s no more pain. No pain no gain missy! I also did chemical peeling for the upper back, since I had sunburn from the recent outdoor and also some old chicken pox marks. Have not seen the results yet (other than itchiness) but soon I’m sure. So I'm literally grounded from swimming (chlorine) and outdoor  activities (direct sunlight), which is really killing me.... Doomed!

What’s next?

Haha!! (That's silicone if you really don't get it...... T_T)

This place is heaven. It was recently launched and currently having promotion for treatment packages. It’s worth and I’m just glad I’ve found it and want you to go and give it a try too. Spread the love people~

Now, Amber Chia who? Lol!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The end of Africa journey

Today, I’m a proud daddy’s little girl who can happily claimed she has successfully completed her 6.5 months Africa life. Despite the tough pre-mid life crisis, stinky environment, silty country and more and more work stresses, today I can finally concluded that the 6.5 months experience was priceless. The journey to an African country was never an easy one. I have to quickly adapt to the change in environment, change in culture, change in work ethics, change in communication skills, and most importantly was change in mindset. Without the lalter, nobody can ever survive in any country.

Africa is totally different than any other countries that I’ve been to. Not that I’ve been to a lot of places, but with my limited travelling experience, I still think there are a lot of things that you should expect if you ever went to this country. Based on my one and only African country experience (soon to be a second one, duh!), one should expect the following whenever you book your ticket to Africa.
  • Expect lots of diarrhea, so be very careful when it comes to food. Don’t get too excited with their local food and never ever make any drink using the tap water. In Mauritania and I believe in many other places too, they have big issues with water supply. In Mauritania for instance, has no drainage system at all and limited sources of water. People value water more than anything else, and to be able to get a proper shower in the morning and evening would probably be in most of the local peoples’ wish list. No I kid you not. 
  • Learn their language. It’s not necessarily important to be fluent in whatever language they speak, but enough to grab few key words to get you going around. In Mauritania, they speak mainly French and Arabic and I don’t know any of both. I learnt few French words there and pretty much can get me survived in the city. But French is quite difficult I would say as they have separate lingo for male and female and many other things that I don’t even know how to describe! But hey, I enjoyed speaking French. Bonjour!
  • Lower down your expectation. If you came from a hip metropolitan city where you think people are very much civilized (except for mat rempits?), then you have to quickly change that perception. It’s always good to have ZERO expectation wherever you go so that you won’t end up disappointing yourself.
  • Do not bring your favorite expensive clothes. Not sure of other African country, but Mauritania is a country of sand. I believe it’s just the same in other parts of the continent. I had my brand new shoes sand blasted after just 2 weeks of living there. If you were ever to be deployed to this type of country, bring a cheap shoes and clothes. As they also have problems with water supply, you may want to consider bringing dark color clothes.
  • If you have international driving license, don’t bother using it. Not sure of other parts of the continent but Mauritania is a dangerous place for me to drive. They follow French rules, left hand side driver and they have almost no traffic light. They are developing and just had their traffic lights installed. Give it few years, and I think they are going to be okay.
  • Their night club was pretty much happening and don’t be surprised to see fully covered female end up having very minor clothes on her body when she entered the building. AHA!
I enjoyed myself there and learnt their culture. It’s disappointing as I didn’t manage to explore the whole city, didn’t go to the dunes or even ride a camel or donkey!! Better luck and more time in the next project!
More Africa project and I’m pretty much prepared for it. Bring it on bosses! :P

Among the best moment I had on the rig.. miss you grandpa!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where Life Took Me

I feel blessed to be on this rig now when all this not-so-nice episodes knocking hard on me. Somebody said it’s not shit, it’s another chapter for my life book and there are some good memories in it. I can’t seem to disagree with this statement. Though it’s considered as the toughest challenge for me so far, but it also carried the best wonderful memories with it. I’ll take the beautiful memories and leave the bitter part behind.

I didn’t walk down 2010 memory lane on this blog. 2010 was a year of everything. I had the best experience in my life as well as the hardest pain too. Sounds balanced isn’t it? Had few wakeup calls and brought me back to this path, wiser.

I’ve always been so stubborn and it has been running in my blood since I was born. But with all the unfortunate events, I learnt to step back when I need to and learnt to listen even though I do not agree with what I’ve to listen to. I hope it stays in me for the rest of my life as I do not wish to go back to the dark side of me.

I could say 2010 was the “moving” year. After serving Petroleum Management Unit for 4 years, I decided to take one step further and joined the operator. And I took a big jump to be in deep water, instead of shallow water with almost zero knowledge. I started fresh, as new as fresh graduates. I have to say being in the management for 4 years really helped me a lot. The vast difference between me and colleagues made bosses gave me the responsibility to handle management stuff.

I was given a huge opportunity to travel across the country for a couple of time. And I’ve placed my footprints in few other countries that I’ve been dying to visit. And it was all paid for! *with huge seat too!* Nothing more that I can say except thank you God for creating this path for me! My career has been treating me good since the beginning. Not that I’m bragging about it, but I’m really thankful and grateful for that. I know I’ve not done my very best to be in this seat today but I’ll try to improve it from now on.

I’ve pinned few European countries & UK and I’ve always love Europe. The feeling of being in these countries can never be described in words, be it when it’s warm or cold. But yeah I hate cold weather! And the major achievement in my personal shopping history was when I shopped like a mad woman during summer sale in London. Bliss! Besides shopping experience, I’ve seen so many beautiful sceneries that just made me stop thinking of everything else. Deep inside me, I wish to live in that kind of country one day, where I can walk down the road without feeling insecure, enjoy the sun and the breeze, be romantic all day long with my loved ones. *one day hunn, dalam erti kata lain, gua nak kawin mat saleh okey? haha* But yeah, I also had to experience being stranded in London for almost a week when the volcano erupted and disrupted the whole Europe airspace. And it was both a freaky and fun experience!

After so many business trips a.k.a. free shopping trips, I was finally deployed to work outside of Malaysia. First time ever for me to be away from home for more than 2 weeks! And I survived to be in Africa for almost 4 months now with another 2 months to go *hopefully*. A very valuable experience, for both career and life. There’s always a first time for everything and this is the very first time for me for so many things. First time to work outside of Malaysia. First time to work on the rig for deepwater operations. First time to be in Africa. First time for every single thing! And again, I survived and enjoying every moment of it.

Being on this rig is just wonderful. Previously I did work with few expats and I always enjoyed working around them. But the rig in Malaysia will always have another Malaysians onboard so you will never feel like missing home or anything like that. Here, I have to deal with my ever challenging work load & expectation and also great deal with emotion. I became very close with almost everybody on this rig. I noticed its always enjoying being out here on the rig rather than working in the office and sucking up to all the politics.

I meet a lot of people from other places, where we always change views on everything. We talk about our life, country, religion, work wise and everything you can think of. It’s an amazing experience and undoubtedly it broadens my knowledge in various aspects. Some are very young and some are very old but I enjoy being around them and I know they like me too! *okay puke now!*

I learn new things every day. No matter what happen today, take the good things with you and use it to start your day tomorrow. There’s always a good thing in everything that you do. I love talking to these people, who are way older than me. I call them grandpa and dad. And they all love joking with me. But hey, life is all about being happy and having fun.

And today I learn new definition of life from “dad” Kurt.. “No fake, no bullshit and no mickey mouse.. That's what I call life”. I love you all!!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bienvenue à Paris

It means Welcome to Paris.. I've finally made it to Paris early this morning after spending 3-1/2 months in numchuck (read:Nouakchott). Never thought I would be stationed in a desert for that long in my life. Well, to others who have stayed here permanently, 3-1/2 months is just a short period of time. But not for me. Remember this is the first overseas assignment for me, and the first African country too. To make it worse, I've been working non-stop throughout this period. No weekend, no off days after coming back from each hitch (read:offshore).


Though I would consider myself as a cheap labour and I worked similar to the donkeys in town. I've pushed myself beyond my normal working limit, exceeded my fatigue limit and God knows how many times I've felt like killing people, or at least a donkey. My emotion moved according to the swell of the Atlantic Ocean and it's approaching wet season, hence the swell is VERY BAD! Luckily I've got the chance to go back to KL now, else I would have became a retard monster in numchuck.

I have my assessment scheduled on 14th, that is on Tuesday and I have yet to study for that! I'm prepared with all the reading materials but whenever I started reading, I'll end up snoring! (exaggerating!) Oh my, me and assessment or exam can never be best buddy! I used to stay up in the middle of the night whenever exam approached. Mom will prepare a nice cup of nescafe to help me stay awake. But today, I've had 2 cups of coffee and I'm caffeine intolerable but surprisingly, it didn't work! I fall asleep in this lounge, in front of everybody and I'm not sure how did I look like. :P

Now, I'm pretty much dizzy. Took 2 tablet of antihistamine since I'm having a bad runny nose. Weather here is 5 degC and eventhough I'm sitting in a building, the heater doesn't seem to do a good job. It's still damn cold and I'm just in a layer of hoodie. I was doing okay when I first entered the terminal but I guess my winter jacket caused me trouble. I need to get a new one without any fancy fur attached to it. Time to be wise and not kill myself just because I wanna look cute!~ (padan muka!)

Anyway, I'm less than 24 hours to be home. I'm gonna sleep the whole journey and be home without any jet lag! Not sure what to do tomorrow. Probably go to The Curve and have my hair trimmed or cut or whatever. Massage & mani+pedi with maktok. I wanna spoil maktok . See how she takes it. Kakak has to wait for her turn ya! ;p

Okay, I really really have to study. See you people tomorrow!! Can't wait to be home!!!!!

Camwhoring mode. I'm pretty sure I can be seen in the CCTV recording. Face of me when I just woke up, without make up and freezing!

I like the effect of the ceiling. And note the fur jacket. Ah-choom~


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Makan Gaji Buta

Weather started to pick up couple of days back and I've been seeing things upside down and walking like a drug addict since then. And I'm really non-productive today. Been browsing for non important items since morning. *sesungguhnya saya tengah makan gaji buta today*.. isk isk.. Anyway I've been tagged by darling Aliza and since I'm about to puke luring at so many laptops (and drooling/fantasizing at some of them too), I decided to heal myself from this obsession and here goes my pop quiz of the day..

My 25 Minutes Survey
Instruction : Once you are tagged, answer all the questions honestly. No lying or cheating.

Person who tagged : Aliza
Starting time : 5.20pm (Africa time)

Name : Harni
Full name : Harni Farihah Bt Mohd Safari Lai
Sibling(s) : 2 (second child)
Eye colour : Dark brown
Shoe size : 5
Hair : Short, straight, uneven, messy.. refer to Einstein's
Height : 154cm (pendeknye??)

What are you wearing right now : track bottom + I love HK tshirt bought by Aliza (ngee) + hoodie
Where do you live : currently in west africa..
Favourite number : 11
Favourite drink : milo (4 tblspoon milo + 1 tblspoon creamer) no sugar no milk!
Favourite month : July
Favourite breakfast : lempeng cicah susu!

******-Have you ever-******
Broken a bone : nope
Been in a police car : nope
Fallen for a friend : yupe
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : yupe
Swam in the ocean : yupe
Fallen asleep in school : yupe.. not always though.. i'm a nerd!
Broken someone's heart : a lot..... erk..
Cried when someone died : yupe
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : yupe
Saved e-mails : mostly
Been cheated on : Y.U.P.E!!!!

Your room looks like : a cabin (i'm on the rig now so nothing fancy about the room).. and i have no idea how my new room looks like since my sis has just moved to a new house and dragged my stuffs along..
What is right beside you : office wall full with pictures of Mauritania scenery..
What is the last thing you ate : a bar of chocolate..

******-Ever Had-******
Chicken pox : yupe
Sore throat : yupe
Stitches : yupe
Broken nose : nope

******-Do You-******
Believe in love at first sight : yupe
Like picnics? : yupe

Who did you last yell at? : my ex boyfriend
Who was the last person you danced with? : my boyfriend
Who last made you smile? : him

******-Final Questions-******
What are you listening to right now? : tattoo - jordin sparks (yeah, stone age)
What did you do today? : controlling my imagination to get a macbook pro.. ;p
Are you the oldest? : nope
Indoors or outdoors? : both

******-Today did you-******
Talk to someone you like? : most of the time!
Kiss anyone? : yupe
Sing? : yupe
Talk to an ex? : yupe
Miss someone ? : yupe
Eat? : yupe

******-Last person who-******
You talked to on the phone? : my mom
Made you cry? : myself
Went to the movies with? : can't recall.. i think it was Sari..
You went to the mall with? : comrades @ las palmas..
Who cheered you up? : him

******-Have you-******
Been to Mexico? : nope
Been to USA? : nope

Have a crush on someone? : not now
What books are you reading right now? : engineering handbook.. aci tak? hehe
Best feeling in the world? : no words can describe this.. all thanks to God
Future kids name? : zaara, isaac
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : nope
What's under your bed? : nothing
Favourite sport(s) : Wii? haha
Favourite place : home
Who do you really hate? : trying not to now.. used to hate my ex ;p
Do you have a job? : yes
What time is it now? : 5.45pm

p/s : With however long it took you to complete this, post as "My _____ Minutes Survey" and tag 15 people

not gonna tag anyone.. you can do if you want.. :)